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Global Managed LEO

Integrated LTE/5G and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions for the Global Enterprise

Enterprises are on a never-ending hunt for the most reliable network access with high speeds and low latency - features that are essential for any business. Where wired networks are lacking, we can provide.

Powered by SpaceX's Starlink, Blue Wireless Global Managed LEO Solutions offer businesses and service providers unparalleled connectivity whenever and wherever they need it, from remote branches to shipping fleets. Combine that with our worry-free LTE/5G wireless connectivity solution; our unique Managed LEO Plus offers the advantages of both satellite and cellular connectivity, bringing reliable, high-speed, and low latency networks to the global enterprise.

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As a global Authorized Starlink Reseller, Blue Wireless will leverage its global support capability to enable the global delivery and installation of the first Managed LEO services in over 70 countries, which includes services like site-surveys, on-site installation and in-life management - ensuring a seamless experience for customers worldwide.

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Key use cases
for LEO & LTE/5G

Stellar connectivity undefined by wires

Instant global connectivity

Once the antennas are set up and in place, it takes mere seconds to be wirelessly connected. Unlike wired connections, which can take weeks (or even months) to install, our combined satellite + cellular connectivity is available worldwide, on-demand without delays.

Backup connectivity

By combining LEO satellite and LTE/5G cellular connectivity, this ultra-reliable solution switches between the two different technological networks seamlessly without any network interruptions, providing a vital failover mechanism that is critical in industries that require consistent uptime and/or application performance, such as healthcare and emergency services, and even military operations.

Remote site connectivity

LTE/5G networks offer high-speed connectivity that is easily available in both urban and suburban locations. Cellular connectivity can also connect rural and remote areas, but LEO satellite connectivity excels in this are, due to a lower cost of deployment.

By bundling the two together, high-speed internet to remote sites are now more reliable and also available at a lower cost, perfect for business savings.

Maritime Connectivity

Your fleet of vessels could be anywhere in the high seas, yet still have access to a reliable internet connection with LEO + LTE/5G.

Near shore, our service ensures that you stay connected to a terrestrial cellular network that offers high bandwidth and low latency; while in the vast oceans, the system will automatically and seamlessly switch over to LEO satellite connectivity to reduce downtime, which is crucial for data-intensive applications onboard.


Blue Wireless

With Blue Wireless, enjoy reliable and consistent connectivity for your enterprise needs. Rest assured that our hands-on team will design, procure, install and manage your entire LEO + LTE/5G network – and that’s not all:

  • Cost-Effective Centralized Procurement

    Single contract and single invoice to order LEO & cellular connectivity for the global enterprise. Installation within 10 working days, with guaranteed site connectivity and monthly contracts (no overage or bill shock) to match your use case.

  • Reliable 'First Time Right' Installation

    Each Blue Wireless installation starts with a site survey to assess the local situation. Once the service is ensured to be up and running by our Field Engineers, sit back and relax while we handle the documentation and integration of your existing network services (if any).

  • Peace of Mind with In-Life Management

    Powered by Cradlepoint's leading technology, Blue Wireless pro-actively manages your network connectivity from start to end with remote NetCloud monitoring. For any issues, Ticketing and Incident Resolution will be provided by Blue Wireless, so that you can stay secure and managed.

  • Effective On-Site Support

    Receive timely updates from the comfort of your office for any Device Replacements or On-site Support (when required).

A reliable,
global solution

Blue Wireless Global Managed LEO offers an integrated service combining Starlink's LEO technology and Cradlepoint's latest LTE/5G equipment, data plans, installation, and on-site support at a fixed-price monthly in 70+ countries worldwide - all underpinned with guaranteed SLAs on uptime and speed.

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Integrated cellular + satellite solutions that extends across 70+ countries

At Blue Wireless, we pride ourselves on being the first and leading global provider of LEO + wireless WAN connectivity solutions. With one single point of contact, contract, and support, we make it easy to manage your wireless networks across all your sites and branches worldwide.

Success Stories

Wireless connectivity to infinity and beyond

with BW Offshore

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As a global maritime fleet operator, BW Offshore requires high speed connectivity to manage hundreds of vessels worldwide. Their constantly moving positions (whether they are docked or in the open waters) make wired lines impossible and traditional satellite cost-prohibitive.


Blue Wireless provided a Starlink-based connectivity solution for BW Offshore, including a high-performance antenna and Cradlepoint router for remote management, which was easily integrated into their existing IT network. Now, they have access to reliable high-speed broadband connectivity at a fraction of the cost of VSAT, while having the flexibility of remotely converting from fixed to open water ocean data maritime service when their vessels set sail.

with AmaWaterways

Ama Waterways installation


Operating a fleet of 26 luxury river cruises, AmaWaterways requires high quality, fast speed and reliable internet connection for their passengers, as part of the luxury cruise experience. Their river tours covers scenic destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin Americas; and sometimes span multiple countries, which requires seamless internet roaming services between national borders.


With the Managed LEO Plus connectivity solution, Blue Wireless integrated maritime antennas, Starlink mobility service and global cellular roaming to provide an end-to-end managed service that's customised for AmaWaterways. With seamless integration into their existing onboard WIFI infrastructure, their passengers are now able to enjoy high speed reliable WIFI service round the clock, with seamless failover and failback between satellite and cellular connectivity for an uninterrupted internet experience.

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