Customer Story | 06 May 2024

Enhancing River Cruise Connectivity: Reliable Internet Access for All Passengers

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This piece is a translation of an article published in the Dutch newspaper "De scheepvaartskrant".

In Rotterdam, Wireless Logic and Blue Wireless collaborate with Rijfers Nautical Management (RNM) to elevate river cruise experiences through improved connectivity. Utilizing wifi-6 routers and a beam connection to Starlink satellites, Blue Wireless ensures seamless internet access for passengers aboard river cruise ships.

Eduard Muis, Technical Customer Advisor at Wireless Logic, emphasizes the practical approach taken in addressing connectivity challenges. By customizing solutions to suit the needs of river cruise ships, Wireless Logic delivers reliable internet services essential for modern travelers.

Much depends on the specific connectivity requirements of the shipping company: A connection dish to the Starlink network (the size of a large pizza box) costs 2,500 euros for the high performance kit, and that includes a monthly subscription for an average cruise ship between 1,000 and 5,000 euros of Priority data and additional 4G/5G SIM cards. The routers to be installed in addition are then equipped with a total of 16 SIM cards, active or as backup, which in turn can be automatically switched between them - such as to the land zones to be crossed (GPS). All together would fit in a kitchen cabinet.

A trend on the rise

Passengers increasingly expect strong Wi-Fi connectivity during their cruises, reflecting broader trends in travel preferences. This demand, coupled with the necessity for communication between devices and the outside world for safety and operational reasons, underscores the importance of reliable connectivity solutions. And where connectivity on land is often taken for granted, it can be a real challenge for sailing ships, as they require constant switching between different service providers. On that note, it must always be possible to contact local emergency services during the voyage in case of a (medical) emergency.

RNM fleets

Navigating the complexities of maritime travel presents unique challenges, including terrain variations and the need for continuous connectivity. Through partnerships like the one with RNM, Wireless Logic ensures that river cruise fleets receive comprehensive ICT services, enhancing passenger experiences.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional mobile networks, Wireless Logic and Blue Wireless pioneer hybrid solutions integrating satellite connectivity. Starlink's low Earth orbit satellites offer promising advancements in speed and reliability, addressing the industry's need for improved connectivity.

As maritime connectivity continues to evolve, Wireless Logic remains committed to innovation, preparing for the future with practical solutions. The collaboration with RNM exemplifies this commitment, providing tangible benefits for river cruise passengers seeking uninterrupted internet access during their voyages.

In summary, Blue Wireless's pragmatic approach to enhancing river cruise connectivity reflects a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of both passengers and the maritime industry.

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