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edge solutions

The freedom to connect your enterprise — anywhere

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Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to enable businesses to become more agile and innovative.

Blue Wireless is a Global Elite partner of Cradlepoint and has extensive experience in the deployment and management of Cradlepoint solutions, connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Going wireless

Blue Wireless offers two ways to get started with Cradlepoint solutions:

- Managed services are ideal for enterprise customers wishing to benefit from wireless networks without investing in additional IT resources.

- Purchase options are suitable for large enterprises or system integrators who provide complete solutions for customers.

Managed Services

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As Elite Partner, we design, implement and operate Cradlepoint solutions for a range of industries and use cases. With over 4,000 implementations completed, Blue Wireless offers:

  • Solution design to meet your business use case and specific requirements
  • Fast deployments - guaranteed 10 working days - in over 80 countries
  • Full service bundle, including cost-effective international and local data SIM plans
  • Centrally managed with remote configuration, monitoring, and 24/7 support
  • SLA for guaranteed uptime and speed

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Blue Wireless delivers Cradlepoint equipment directly from our local warehouses for self-implementation. Via our Blue Wireless Webstore, you'll have direct access to:

  • Local stock for quick delivery of full Cradlepoint range
  • Special discounts and flexible payment options including PayPal
  • Direct shipping with courier delivery in 10 working days
  • Data, service and product bundles
  • Add-ons like partner discounts, training, and guided installations

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Cradlepoint routers

R2100 800x800

Cradlepoint R2100

Ruggedised router for vehicles and IoT deployments

E300 800x800

Cradlepoint E300 series

Ideal for branch connectivity

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Cradlepoint W1850-5GB

Designed for branches requiring higher performance

R1900 050 web

Cradlepoint R1900

5G router ruggedised router

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Powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud™

CP Net Cloud Manager

Cradlepoint offers the latest in SD-WAN cloud technology to enable flexible, secure, and cost-effective networks. By leveraging Cradlepoint NetCloud, organisations can gain control and visibility over their wireless networks, as well as identify and solve unwanted issues.

Features include:

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Policy-based control
  • SD-WAN for wireless
  • Full-stack analytics
  • Lifecycle management
  • And more

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Why Blue Wireless?

Blue Wireless is Elite Partner Globally and has extensive capabilities to order, prepare and ship Cradlepoint equipment across 80+ countries. Additionally, we've been awarded Partner of the Year on several occasions and have over 100 Cradlepoint certifications across all staff.

Go wireless

Visit the Blue Wireless Webstore to access our complete stock of LTE/5G routers, antennas, and peripherals for your business.

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