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Rural and remote site wireless connectivity

Reliable, high-speed internet - anywhere

With the ongoing expansion of LTE/5G networks and the evolution of long-range antennas, you can count on Blue Wireless to connect your next site anywhere on the map while continuing to enjoy from high-speeds and performance.

Our solutions offer cost-effective and reliable connectivity for any type of deployment. Using the latest antenna technologies, sites can be connected many kilometres away from the nearest cell towers, offering a lifeline for staff and operations at the site, or easy connectivity for IoT sensors and devices.

Key use cases

Where wireless shines

Engineering & industrial sites

Mobile internet won’t cut it for your remote locations. Only the combination of LTE/5G routers and antennas will provide the connectivity performance your project requires.

Mining projects

Wireless ticks all the boxes at mining sites: fast deployment, temporary contracts, and the bandwidth required for communications and applications to run smoothly.

Wind and solar farms

Blue Wireless has experience bringing connectivity to energy plants, even in the most remote locations.

Branch connectivity

Basically, any site without wired access is a perfect use case for wireless networks – either temporarily until these arrive, or as a permanent solution for your business.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

From energy farms to office branches in remote areas, we bring together the routers, antennas, data, and expertise to get you up and running where wires can't.

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Customer story | May 08, 2022
"By combining Cradlepoint routers, Poynting antennas, and Blue Wireless 4G data plans, the customer saw speeds increase from 1.5Mbps to 40Mbps."
International Oil & Gas company
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Blue Wireless

Our all-in-one LTE/5G solutions powers your business even at the most remote locations – and that’s not all:

  • Cost- & time-effective

    Laying fibre can be very expensive and time-consuming, whilst wireless can be available on-demand at a fraction of the cost.

  • Predictable costs

    Numerous locations? Blue Wireless offers unlimited data plans at a fixed price for multiple connections across 80+ countries.

  • Unique expertise

    Our team of specialists in cellular technology will ensure you get the necessary equipment and the best operators for all your locations.

  • Centrally managed

    Our cloud-based platform allows for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and management without needing on-site IT staff.

Talk to

Michiel van der Maas, Global Head of Sales

Hundreds of businesses are already taking advantage of Blue Wireless LTE/5G solutions. Let's explore together what wireless can do for you.

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