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Our business runs on people – on good, fun,
hands-on people.

As a fast-growing company, we are always looking for new colleagues to support us on our mission of helping our customers succeed in a wireless world. Come grow with us.

The world is going wireless. It’s a journey to the future, helping all type of customers globally. Join us to be part of this future!
Ahmad Obaid , Sydney, Australia
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"Everyone gets a say in this company. Everything we do can have a positive impact on our company, and our customers."
Daniela Muente , Amsterdam, Netherlands
“The energy in this company is quite unique. We are like a family and we all have each others’ back.”
Vira Rachmila , Singapore
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The way we work

Operational principles

We are open and sharing

We are a working machine – only together can we achieve our goals

We fail quickly

We win. We fail. We learn from both, and move on to the next challenge. Upwards and onwards!

Best practices are the ones we already have

With extensive knowledge inside our company, sharing these practices is key.

Behavior is more important than process

Good processes can’t guarantee performance. Each of us do.

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