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Automated failover and network backup

Cost-effective and always on connectivity

When internet goes down, so does your business.

Unlike wirelines sharing the same infrastructure (even when using different ISPs), wireless networks are truly diverse, offering a more reliable, high-speed alternative for your network backup services.

Blue Wireless automated failover and network backup solutions bring you and your business peace of mind, with up to 99% network availability and remote management to ensure service continuity, all at a much lower cost than traditional wired backup connections.

Why LTE/5G for
your internet

The business case for wireless failover

Resiliency & diversity

Wireless travels through the air, avoiding physical failures caused by cable cuts, fibre cuts, manhole disasters, etc.

Cost effective

By choosing LTE/5G for your network backup, you lower the cost of your secondary line significantly, compared to wired lines.

Out-of-band management

Wireless links provide an efficient out-of-band management option, enabling network managers to easily and securely diagnose and fix problems without disrupting your network.

Fast deployment

LTE/5G can be implemented in only days, without needing to dig a new line, indoor cabling, etc.

We've got your back(up)

We offer different wireless backup solutions, including out-of-band options, ‘WiFi-as-WAN” backup, and other configurations.

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Out-of-band Management (OOBM)


To mitigate the effects of an unreachable router, Blue Wireless uses Cradlepoint’s LTE/5G adapters, which offer an efficient OOBM solution. With a direct connection from the console port of the adapter to the router, network administrators can connect to the router over the air, even if IP and Ethernet are not functioning or available on the router.

With Cradlepoint’s OOBM capabilities, administrators can diagnose and/or fix the problem without leaving the office, rolling a truck, or paying for slow and expensive POTS lines.

Article | Oct 02, 2023

How are businesses saving money with LTE/5G connectivity

It is the wireless nature of LTE/5G networks that makes them extremely lean and flexible, enabling enterprises to unlock substantial monetary savings.
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Blue Wireless

By relying on Blue Wireless, you will count on our hands-on team of specialists to design, procure, install and manage your wireless failover services across one or hundreds of sites – and that’s not all:

  • Uptime and speed SLAs

    Achieve up to 99% service uptime in combination with your wired internet connection.

  • Consistency and expertise

    Same setup across 80+ countries, offering consistency for global deployments.

  • No service interruption

    With pre-configured failover devices, your backup is established in minutes without service interruption.

  • Remote management & monitoring

    Reduce the cost of ownership and fix issues quicker by enabling remote management and troubleshooting.

  • Other services

    Depending on the use case, Blue Wireless can offer static IP services, external antennas, access points, and more.

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