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Enterprise-grade LTE/5G equipment

Sit back. Click. And go wireless.

Enterprises and system integrators can now access our vast catalogue of LTE/5G wireless products and equipment for purchasing and managing it themselves.

Visit the Blue Wireless Webstore to easily select, procure, and deploy wireless routers, antennas, modems, and access points from the leading brands in the market with just a few clicks, or choose from our data or service bundles with the support of our hands-on experts.

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LTE/5G Routers

We partner with leading manufacturers in LTE/5G technology to meet different business requirements – from compact routers for on-the-go connectivity to branch networks, from industrial settings to ruggedised equipment for rough environments.

Cellular Antennas

The right antenna is crucial for ensuring a reliable connection and maximum throughput. Our selection of LTE/5G antennas is suitable for branch connectivity, remote sites, maritime vessels, in-vehicle connectivity, and IoT.

Access Points

Extend the reach of your wireless network with our wide selection of enterprise-grade access points.


Stay connected with LTE/5G technology no matter your requirements, for your unique business use case.

Wireless Accessories

Peripherals, parts, accessories, and optional site equipment to ensure you've got all you need to go wireless.

Router 465x320
Router 370x463
Antenna 370x370
Cradlepoint Cert 2023 square 800 x 800 px

Why Blue Wireless?

  • Local stock for fast and cost-effective deployment in 80+ countries
  • A team of certified engineers with deep expertise in wireless technologies
  • Option to bundle with Blue Wireless wide range of local and international data plans
  • Access to special discounts with our preferred partner status
  • Personalised advice, training, and guidance from our wireless specialists
  • Easy access to Blue Wireless global managed services

Go wireless

Visit the Blue Wireless Webstore to access our complete stock of LTE/5G routers, antennas, and peripherals for your business.

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