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LTE/5G for media streaming and events

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Whether physical, online, or hybrid, events today rely more than ever on digital technologies to provide a unique experience across every touchpoint: ticket machines, points of sale, access control, CCTV cameras, media streaming, and of course, public and private WiFi.

Blue Wireless offers network services on-demand for the event industry with none of the complexities and high costs of wired telco providers. We deliver the equipment, data, installation, and 24/7 support – where needed. When needed. For the time you need it.

An all-in one

Blue Wireless brings together all the essential components to deliver high-speed wireless connectivity for your next event:

LTE/5G equipment

Easy-to-deploy enterprise-grade routers and access points for widespread WiFi.


Dual LTE/5G connections of up to 500Mbps with multiple local mobile operators.

Professional services

Professional site surveys and installation on-site guarantee the performance your event requires.

Real-time monitoring and SLAs

Remote monitoring and site support to ensure uninterrupted access during your event.

Add-on services

Depending on your event, we offer additional advanced features like security firewall and load balancing.

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Blue Wireless event solutions cover the full breadth of network components needed for your event, regardless of length, size, or format: internet connectivity, business-grade equipment, and LAN/WiFi, all installed and managed by a single party for fast and flexible deployment.

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Site survey

Blue Wireless

Unlike DIY connections and consumer-type dongles, working with Blue Wireless will offer you:

  • Always-on service

    Stable high-speed wireless internet from across multiple mobile operators.

  • Flexibility & on-demand

    Flexible data offering, unlimited or pay-per-use, based on your event duration, plus fixed charges on delivery, installation, and support.

  • Everything you need

    WiFi and Ethernet (LAN) to connect all your devices (screens, PCs, printers, etc.), plus support for business applications, VPNs, media streaming, videos, and more.

  • Supports all event formats

    Online, physical, or hybrid. Indoors or outdoors. Any deployment is possible.

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