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Temporary connectivity solutions

Pop-up business networks

Nowadays, work happens wherever your customers are - whether this means the office, off-site, at a remote location, or at a temporary spot.

Blue Wireless LTE/5G solutions bring flexibility to your enterprise networks, so you can get connectivity anywhere, for the time you need it, enabling your business to become more agile and responsive to meet your customers' demands.

Key use cases

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Emergency & first-responders

When emergencies happen, there’s no time to worry about connectivity. LTE/5G provides secure, reliable networks for devices and workers at provisional healthcare sites.

Project work

Even temporary projects, such as construction, engineering, or consultancy work, require reliable, high-speed connectivity. LTE/5G can be set up quickly for a large number of users and as long as it’s needed.

Pop-up stores

Seasonal retail has seasonal requirements, and the flexibility of wireless networks is the perfect fit: it is reliable, mobile, and can be turned on and off on demand.

Events & conferences

Sharing large files or needing HD media streaming at your next event? Challenge accepted. We offer secure wireless solutions both for the event management side, as well as public WiFi for attendees.

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The show must go on

Let the critics rave about your next event with wireless LTE/5G.

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Enabling agility through wireless networks

Cellular wireless connections help you to quickly respond to current and future requirements, while still providing the right mix of reliability, performance, ease of scale, and flexibility.

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Blue Wireless

Flexible connectivity is at the core of Blue Wireless all in one LTE/5G solution – and that’s not all:

  • A team as flexible as wireless

    We work with you to offer the data plans and contract terms that better adapt to your project or business.

  • Built-in security

    We protect your information even in temporary locations. Our solutions include firewall, easy VPN setup, content filtering, and IPS/IDS.

  • Predictable costs

    Full transparency on fixed costs and cost per data.

  • Centrally managed

    Our cloud-based platform allows for remote monitoring and management without needing on-site IT staff.

Talk to

Cera Koh, Global Head of Sales Operations

I am looking forward to discussing together the possibilities of LTE/5G for your business.

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