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LTE/5G solutions for unique business challenges

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Panorama Antennas delivers world-class, high-quality performance antennas to meet the demands of the modern enterprise.

Together, we provide fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to challenging applications. We have a full range of LTE antennas for maritime, in-vehicle, M2M, and IoT deployments - all of which are tested and certified to work with Blue Wireless LTE/5G routers and services.

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Blue Wireless offers two ways to get you started with Panorama solutions.

- Managed services are ideal for customers who wish to benefit from wireless without having to invest in additional IT resources.

- Purchase options are suitable for large enterprises or system integrators who provide complete solutions for customers.


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We design, implement, and operate wireless solutions for a range of industries and use cases. With over 2,500 implementations completed, choosing for Blue Wireless managed solutions, offers:

  • Solution design to meet your specific business use case and needs
  • Guaranteed Install - 10 working days in over 80 countries
  • Complete bundle, including cost-effective data SIM plans, on-site services and support
  • Fully managed centrally, including monitoring, reporting and support
  • SLAs for guaranteed uptime and support

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Blue Wireless delivers Panorama equipment directly from our local warehouses for self-implementation. The advantages of purchasing Panorama antennas via Blue Wireless include:

  • Local stock for quick delivery of the entire range
  • Flexible payment options including PayPal
  • Direct shipping with courier delivery within 10 working days
  • Bundle with routers, cabling, and other equipment
  • Add-ons like partner discounts, training, and guided installations

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Panorama antennas

Panorama SHKG 6 60 800x800


Vehicular antenna for mobile connectivity

Panorama WMM4 G 6 60 800x800


Enterprise antenna for branch connectivity

Panorama BSM 6 60 800x800


Branch/IoT antenna for for maritime/coastal applications

Mako 5g

MAKO 5G Dome

GPS/GNSS Vehicle Antenna

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