5G/LTE Connectivity for Construction

Today's construction environments are more connected than ever with network access essential to run a range of business, design, and construction applications. The number of devices is growing, from laptops and tablets to IP-based CCTV, connected devices, and access control, reliable connectivity is essential for project success.

However, construction sites are difficult to connect with traditional wired lines. Firstly, most telco's don't have fibre connections to the site and will require many months and high installation costs to install it. Secondly, around the work site, there are constant changes to the area due to the nature of construction, making local LAN cabling impossible.

5G/LTE wireless connectivity can overcome these obstacles as it can be used instantly and does not require any cabling. In addition, Blue Wireless contracts are flexible, you can use our connectivity services for project duration only, without being tied to long-term contracts. Below are some of the most popular uses of wireless connectivity across the works site:

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 Connectivity Across the Work Site

Site Office Internet Access

5G/LTE Wireless internet (VPN) access for your site office. Delivered in days, not months. Reliable connectivity for up to 20 staffs via LAN and WIFI.

IOT Device Connectivity

Enable connected devices such as IP-based CCTV systems and access control equipment with reliable VPN access anywhere you need it.

WIFI across the Work Site

Extend your Internet Access across the works site with long-range WIFI access points (APs), enabling tablets, laptops and other WIFI devices for up to 100 meters.

Independent 4G Connectivity

Connect your 5G/4G devices directly on our SIMs and pool your data allowance across multiple SIMs and projects for the lowest price per GB, globally.

With hundreds of implementations at construction sites completed, Blue Wireless fully understands the requirements of construction companies and our connectivity solutions are tailored to your needs. This means our services are flexible - for project duration only - our staff is equipped to work on work-sites and our equipment we use is designed for the harsh environments at works sites. Please contact us via the form below and we'll be happy to advise you how we can support your construction projects.

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