Customer Story | 20 May 2022

Wireless communication for CCTV at remote sites

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As a leading construction company, the safety and security of workers and the public are of the utmost importance during the company's building projects.


For the customer, video monitoring solutions are essential, as they help improve the safety and security of employees, business sites, and expensive assets around the building site.

However, since wired connections are not always available at project sites, Kajima looked into 4G/LTE connectivity as a flexible alternative allowing for real-time video streaming.


Kajima engaged Blue Wireless to implement reliable connectivity for their streaming video application.

Using a Cradlepoint IBR 650 router in combination with Panorama 4G/LTE high gain antennas, stable high-speed connectivity was established. All elements were combined in a junction box of high-grade plastic and attached next to the camera at the site. VPN functionality was added to ensure secure communications back to central servers at HQ site.


Blue Wireless’ connectivity solution met Kajima’s requirement offering significant cost savings compared with the traditional wired approach.

The team can now track and retrieve video footage remotely, anytime and on-demand, ensuring safety at the site for staff and monitoring important assets.

About Kajima

Kajima Corporation is one of the oldest and largest construction companies in Japan. Founded in 1840, the company has its headquarters in Motoakasaka, Minato, Tokyo.

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