NetCloud Services

Wireless edge solutions with cloud control

Global organisations choosing Blue Wireless Managed Wireless Access have immediate access to the advantages of Cradlepoint's NetCloud.

NetCloud Service, delivered through purpose-built LTE and 5G wireless edge routers, is a complete software platform that enables you to unlock the power of wireless technology for whatever is on the edge of your network, whether connecting a branch site, pop-up store, vehicle or IoT device.

Wireless edge solutions with cloud control

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NetCloud Service, delivered through purpose-built LTE and 5G wireless edge routers, is a complete software platform that enables your transition to a Wireless WAN. It’s delivered in an all-in-one subscription that aligns with your business needs.

Features include:

  • Management and orchestration
  • LTE and 5G connecting management
  • WAN edge routing and security services
  • IoT services
  • Extensibility SDK
  • Analytics and insights

Solutions built
for Wireless

Zero-touch deployment

Just plug in and go with zero-touch deployment features that automatically connect, license, configure, and select the best carrier — enabling instant setup of Wireless WAN edge solutions.

Policy-based control

Cradlepoint NetCloud makes it easy to configure networks that can route traffic based on bandwidth usage, application content, cellular data usage, or preferred link to maximise availability and uptime.

SD-WAN for wireless

Ensure optimal application quality and availability with integrated SD-WAN that’s deployed at scale with minimal disruption. Cradlepoint SD-WAN is built for a wireless, cloud-first world.

Full stack analytics

Gain insight into applications, network health, and security data through rich analytics. Available in intuitive dashboards and through actionable alerts, this data gives organisations a full picture of their Wireless WAN, applications, and network usage.

Mobile application

Access a range of NetCloud management features from a phone or tablet. An intuitive interface provides access to critical troubleshooting, security events, alerts, and reports — anywhere, any time.

Full lifecycle management

NetCloud simplifies network management by making it easy to understand and apply licenses, identify and push out software updates, upgrade software feature sets, amass education tools, and connect with other customers.

Think outside
the box wires

Our global team of experts is looking forward to helping your enterprise gain all the benefits of LTE/5G connectivity.

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