Article | 02 October 2023

How are businesses saving money with LTE/5G connectivity

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Cera Koh, Global Head of Sales Operations Singapore

For several decades, organisations were limited to wired, cable-based Internet connectivity. Although innovation meant that they could eventually move from slow dial-up to ultra-fast fibre connections, these networks were still constrained by the fact that they were wired, making them inherently susceptible to some challenges.

Thanks to the evolution of wireless technologies, however, 5G/LTE has quickly become a solid alternative to providing reliable, high-speed connectivity to enterprises while adding greater flexibility for meeting temporary demands, wider availability in remote locations, and speed of deployment, among other things.

What is fixed wireless access?

Fixed wireless access (FWA) provides fixed broadband access to individuals and business organisations using LTE/5G cellular networks rather than relying on physical wires and cables.

FWA is rapidly growing and evolving, becoming available in more locations every day. It is also highly reliable and offers fast speeds, making it a viable option for enterprises with the most demanding Internet usage.

Fixed wireless access vs. wired broadband

Wired, fixed-line broadband relies on fibre-optic cables, coaxial cables, and, in some cases, old-school telephone lines. No matter what type of broadband you’re working with, it will always require cables for data transmission.

Fixed wireless access, on the other hand, is the next generation of wireless connectivity, offering ultra-fast speeds and high capacity without the need for any cabling. It is its wireless nature that makes it extremely lean and flexible, which also enables enterprises to unlock substantial monetary savings.

In this post, we will explore five ways FWA is helping enterprises do just that.

1. A more cost-effective failover alternative

It’s often the case that enterprises opt for wired alternatives for their backup and failover networks. These are costly and randomly used, making them a huge waste of money.

LTE/5G fixed wireless access is a much more cost-effective alternative for failover networks, especially compared to DIA. Plus, they are a more resilient technology against physical damage (i.e., construction work in the area), and, with cellular connectivity travelling through the air, it also ensures true diversity to your enterprise network.

FWA is a much more cost-effective alternative for failover networks, especially compared to DIA. Plus, they are a more resilient technology against physical damage and ensures true diversity to your enterprise network.

2. Lower setup costs

Wired broadband lines are naturally more costly to install than wireless solutions, particularly in greenfield locations where wired connections have not been established. When this is the case, additional costs quickly add up: from sourcing permits, excavating land, and installing the infrastructure, in addition to the time and labour resources required to get the job done.

Public LTE/5G connectivity, on the other hand, is much easier to deploy. Leveraging existing cellular network infrastructure means no construction work, cabling expenses, or municipality permits are needed. It also means faster deployment, avoiding any loss of business because of not having connectivity on time. In other words, it saves money by saving time.

3. Lower resource and staffing requirements

Implementing new technologies often comes with a learning curve that organisations need to overcome, usually by hiring new staff or training existing employees to get them up to speed. Certifications may also be required, which adds to the cost.

However, when you work with a managed service provider like Blue Wireless, you forego the need for any of this. Outsourcing your wireless network management to us will help your organisation unlock immediate cost savings and results while enabling your IT teams to focus on their core responsibilities.

4. More value for money for small branches

Multinational corporations and large enterprises pay a great deal for high-speed wired broadband across all their branches.

This might look great on paper, but it’s very expensive—according to IDC’s August 2022 Enterprise Communications Services Survey, more than two-thirds (68%) of enterprises need less than 1Gbps for each location and a third need less than 100Mbps.

This means that, for the most part, enterprises’ networks can cope just fine with the speeds that are on offer in a fixed wireless access solution, enabling them to unlock significant cost savings through lower monthly Internet bills, especially for smaller distributed and remote branches.

"68% of businesses need less than 1GBps of broadband speed and 33% need less than 100MBps, well within the performance of fixed wireless broadband."
August 2022 Enterprise Communications Services Survey , IDC

5. Transitioning from legacy connectivity

Slowly but surely, legacy copper and ISDN are being phased out worldwide, and this may cause service disruptions for businesses still relying on landlines or old technologies. This could lead to costs and revenue losses for those affected.

You can avoid this risk by proactively moving towards fixed wireless access. As we’ve learned in previous paragraphs, this is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to fibre, which can enable organisations to achieve enterprise-grade broadband in short time, while simultaneously minimising the risk of costly service disruptions.

What’s next?

As the first provider of global wireless enterprise connectivity, Blue Wireless offers a market-leading range of enterprise-grade LTE/5G solutions for businesses. These, along with total control over your deployment, unlimited data plans, quick installations, and ongoing professional management across more than 80 countries globally, make us the ideal partner for leading enterprises who need reliable network connectivity that can take their business forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about how fixed wireless access can help your business unlock significant cost savings, as well as faster speeds and wider availability, get in touch—we’re ready and waiting to tell you more!



5 ways LTE/5G connectivity can help businesses save money

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