Use cases | 26 July 2023

Exploring LTE/5G networks with real-world examples

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Wilmer van Dijk, Head of Operations The Netherlands

We all know the typical use cases for wireless networks. Remote sites, branches, and failover are all examples of them. Still, within these, there are the real-life LTE/5G deployments we at Blue Wireless implement on day-to-day to enable some of the world’s most exciting and innovative businesses, from fast food to logistics to banking and beyond, to stay connected wherever they are in the world.

In this post, we’re going to round up some recent examples of wireless network deployments that we’ve carried out for our clients, and how our experts at Blue Wireless helped organisations operating across various industries achieve their connectivity needs.

Fast speeds for fast food

Blue Wireless helped a leading fast food company deploy an air-gapped wireless network for its delivery pick-up branches and restaurants. This wireless network was designed to enable a wide range of business applications, including self-service kiosks, inventory management, and providing Wi-Fi to third-party delivery partners, including Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Air-gapped networks

Air-gapped networks, also known as parallel networks, are physically separated from one another. It is a type of security measure that isolates a network and prevents it from establishing an external connection with other devices.

Using a Cradlepoint E102 with dual network access, our Blue Wireless experts delivered a cost-effective network solution that sat separate from the customer’s core infrastructure, enabling it to run without being impacted by the activity in the wireless.

Supporting data privacy

Another example of an air-gapped wireless network is being deployed across a series of laboratories with the goal of securely sending patient data and metrics between different machines and sites. This will help to ensure that highly sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, giving patients peace of mind that their information is secure while protecting the laboratories from fines and reputational damage.

Cradlepoint devices, our go-to technology for Global Wireless Access, come with air-gapping features as standard. Blue Wireless is a Global Elite partner of Cradlepoint and has extensive experience in the deployment and management of Cradlepoint solutions, connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Bolstering connectivity for a leading bank

As more and more banking providers go online, many of their physical in-branch operations are becoming smaller. In this context, modern wireless solutions are a better fit than traditional broadband, which is often too large and costly for their needs.

Blue Wireless was recently approached by a leading German bank to deliver a reliable primary connectivity solution for their small branches that was as equally secure and resilient as their existing broadband deployment.

We worked with the bank to roll out a combination of Cradlepoint E300 with dual-SIM configuration for network resiliency, a commercially attractive solution for their branch operations to enable both core applications and customer Wi-Fi. This first rollout coves 40 sites nationwide, with 60 more yet to come.

Cradlepoint NetCloud

The Cradlepoint E300 router is part of a NetCloud Enterprise Branch service that helps to rapidly deploy and manage wireless WAN networks at geographically distributed locations. NetCloud’s Cellular Intelligence capabilities can also be used to define global policies for networking, and companies can benefit from time-saving capabilities such as zero-touch deployment, troubleshooting, or out-of-band management.

Keeping logistics moving

In their transformation journey towards SD-WAN, a major logistics company with hundreds of offices and warehouses worldwide—many of which are located in rural and suburban areas—approached Blue Wireless in search of a redundant failover solution with a fast speed of deployment that could match their SD-WAN rollout timelines.

The logistics company found that, in many cases, it was difficult to achieve a redundant line due to the limited infrastructure in their remote sites. Our LTE/5G dual network solution, coupled with Cradlepoint E300 and fully managed by our team of experts, however, demonstrated that it was possible to provide network diversity at speed—even before the arrival of the wired network.

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Blue Wireless has also worked with other companies in the logistics space to build powerful, resilient roving kits comprised of Cradlepoint E102s and Poynting Antennas XPOL1, plus a CPE. Originally designed for one customer, we immediately saw their potential and made them available as an off-the-shelf product. The kits come in easy-to-travel portable cases and are designed to provide businesses with a reliable disaster recovery solution by ensuring instant, ready-to-go connectivity virtually anywhere on Earth.

Achieve global wireless access with Blue Wireless

Flexible and reliable network access is essential for businesses of all sizes operating across all industries where wired connectivity is not yet available.

Blue Wireless offers a unique range of enterprise-grade LTE/5G solutions, unlimited data plans, configuration, installation, and ongoing management across more than 80 countries globally, making us the ideal partner for businesses looking to achieve reliable network connectivity, quickly.

With a single point of contact, contact and invoicing for every business, we make it easy to manage your wireless networks across all your sites and branches worldwide. If you would like to learn more, let's talk!

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