Our people | 30 June 2023

Employee Spotlight: Meet Carmen

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We are halfway into 2023, and getting to know our colleagues from around the world has been an exciting journey. In our June edition, we go to Singapore, where Blue Wireless started, to talk with Carmen, our Marketing Specialist, by day – but so much more at night! (keep reading to find out!)

Hi Carmen, let’s get to know you first. Who are you and what’s been your journey before Blue Wireless?

I was born & bred (& still surviving 😉) in Singapore! Like most Singaporeans here, I went through the usual education route (primary school - secondary school - junior college - university); and ended the 15 years of formal education with a BSc in Business & Management from the University of London.

I then joined the hospitality industry (catering & event sales) while waiting for the official graduation to be over. It ended up being a 3-year stint! Then…. Covid happened. So, I took that chance to pursue my interest in marketing by leaving the full-time hospitality job for a 12-month traineeship. This was where I gained a deeper understanding and experience in marketing, and I knew then that if I were to do any office-type jobs for the rest of my life, it would be marketing, haha!

That kick-started my job hunt for marketing roles, and that was how I joined Blue Wireless as a Marketing Specialist.

And we are grateful for that! So now in Blue Wireless, how do you like it here – with your role and colleagues?

The team here in the Singapore office is small (only about 20+ of us) but SO fun to be around; and most importantly, very dependable colleagues who take great pride in their work. ☺️ They truly make my work life so much more enjoyable!

"The team here is small but SO fun to be around; and most importantly, very dependable colleagues who take great pride in their work. ☺️ They truly make my work life so much more enjoyable!"
Carmen Ho , Marketing Specialist, BW Singapore

About my role, it includes all-things-marketing: from setting up digital ad campaigns to physically attending industry events, together with my awesome boss (& mentor), Daniela! I also appreciate that there is not much red tape in Blue Wireless, which allows for more creativity and ease at the job. Since I joined (back in late Oct 2022), the team has grown bigger, with five more new colleagues in SG after me (and lots more in other countries); and it's awesome to see how everyone could comfortably fit into the whole team dynamics within a week of their starting date! 😆

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But work is not everything, of course. So what do you do after a busy day in the office?

After work hours, I punch, kick, and choke people. 😎 Ok, I mean, in a controlled sparring environment! I've been training (as a hobby only) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai for the past 5 years. At one point in time, about two years back, I was training about 15 hours a week, haha! But due to more work commitments nowadays, I can only train about 8 hours a week now.


I also enjoy callisthenics (body weight is the best form of weight) and am a beginner in surf skating and longboarding. I've also recently tried wake surfing, and it's fast becoming another hobby (albeit one of the more expensive ones).

My weekend side hustle includes coaching in HIIT fitness classes (you might have heard of F45, a popular fitness franchise headquartered in Australia), so my weekly schedule is always packed! #hustlelife

That sounds great, and we surely can take advantage of that at Blue Wireless…

My gym mates call me a happy energiser bunny, and I guess I see why they think so. Being able to jump into so many activities almost daily requires me to keep my health and fitness levels high. And the side effects of all that training and workouts? You got that right, huge, HUGE amount of endorphins - and who wouldn't enjoy that? 😉 So stay active and reap the benefits of a fitter and happier you!


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