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Starlink is the world's first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit (LEO) to deliver broadband internet that enable businesses to be connected anytime, anywhere.

Blue Wireless is a Global Authorized Reseller of Starlink and has extensive experience in procurement, deployment and management of Starlink connectivity solutions. By offering combined advantages of both satellite and LTE/5G cellular connectivity, Blue Wireless brings reliable, high-speed, and low latency networks to the global enterprise, in 70 countries worldwide.

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Blue Wireless offers two ways to get started with Starlink connectivity:

- Managed LEO services are ideal for enterprise customers wishing to benefit from satellite (AND wireless) networks without investing in additional IT resources.

- Purchase options are suitable for large enterprises or system integrators who provide complete solutions for customers.

Managed LEO Services

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As a global authorized reseller of Starlink, we procure, design, implement and manage Starlink connectivity solutions for a range of industries and use cases. Blue Wireless offers:

  • Solution design to meet your business use case and specific requirements
  • Fast deployments - guaranteed 10 working days - in 70 countries
  • Full service bundle, including cost-effective international and local data SIM plans
  • Centrally managed with remote configuration, monitoring, and 24/7 support
  • SLA for guaranteed uptime and speed

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Blue Wireless delivers Starlink equipment directly from our local warehouses for self-implementation. Via our Blue Wireless Webstore, you'll have direct access to:

  • Local stock for quick delivery of Starlink kits for businesses
  • Special discounts and flexible payment options including PayPal
  • Direct shipping with courier delivery in 10 working days
  • Data, service and product bundles
  • Add-ons like partner discounts, training, and guided installations

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