5G/LTE Connectivity
for Maritime

Communication is essential in the marine industry for cruise lines, transport vessels, charted services, and personal yachts.

With the rise in complexity in maritime applications, the need for the internet continues to grow exponentially. While Satellite remains the staple for open sea communications, 5G/LTE is a more affordable

high-speed option when operating near-shore.

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When on open sea, satellite is the only communications option


When closer to shore (<50nm) 4G/LTE offers higher speed (up to 100Mbps) and lower cost

Enable Connectivity Off-Shore

Blue Wireless offers all elements for successful installation and operation for the maritime industry:


Cradlepoint 4G/LTE 

Ruggedized Routers

IP rated device with heat, vibration dust and humidity resistance. Dual-SIM, WiFi and GPS enabled.

High Gain Maritime Antennas

Omni-directional weather resistant antennas for long-range connection to shore cell tower.

Multiple Roaming Operators

Switch between different roaming networks on high usage plans at per GB fixed rates.

Professional On-Site Installation

Hardware staging, testing and configuration of on-board routers and antennas.

Advanced Cloud


Sophisticated management tools to remotely control network without on-board IT crew.

Full Control of your Fleet Connectivity 

All devices are cloud managed and can centrally be monitored using NetCloud Manager giving you full control of all functions, including GPS location services for tracking your fleet.


Global 5G/LTE Connectivity

Shared Data Pool across multiple SIM cards at an attractive fixed per GB rate.

Find out more about our Local Data, APAC Roaming and Europe Roaming Data Plans.


Local AsiaPac

Access across individual countries with local breakout.

Regional AsiaPac

Access across 19 AP countries with central HK breakout.

Regional Europe

Access across 33 Europe countries with Central NL/UK breakout.


Access across 170 Global countries with Central NL/UK breakout.

Solution Overview

Our cost-effective reliable solutions is customizable, depending on the size of your vessel and/or fleet, international routes and specific crew requirements. It can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with your on-board LAN environment or VSAT WAN connectivity.

As an independent network services provider, Blue Wireless enables services using all available LTE networks to get the most optimal solution for your needs. Read more about our solution technology at the Cradlepoint website

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