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LTE/5G solutions for the maritime industry

While satellite technology continues to be ideal for connecting vessels offshore, new marine applications are hungry for extra bandwidth, putting pressure on existing satellite links and, most likely, your IT budget.

Blue Wireless LTE/5G solutions offer a more affordable, flexible, high-speed connectivity alternative on board, which enable better communications nearshore, as well as a better user experience for crew and passengers.

Blue Wireless
integrated solution

Blue Wireless brings together all the essential components designed to meet the connectivity requirements of maritime businesses.

LTE/5G ruggedised routers

IP rated devices with heat, vibration dust, and humidity resistance. Dual-SIM, WiFi and GPS enabled.

Maritime antennas

The best selection of omni-directional, weather-resistant antennas for long-range connection to cell towers onshore.

Multiple operators

Switch between different roaming networks on high usage plans at per GB fixed rates.

Professional onsite installation

Hardware staging, testing and configuration of onboard routers and antennas.

Multiple operators

Cloud-based tools to remotely manage your fleet’s network, data usage, and access worldwide.

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Press Release | Dec 13, 2021

Vroon selects Blue Wireless to deliver LTE connectivity on board its fleet

Vroon, a global leader in shipping & support solutions with approximately 120 deepsea and offshore vessels around the world, has selected wireless network service provider Blue Wireless to supplement connectivity on board its vessels.
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Solution Overview

Blue Wireless maritime LTE/5G connectivity solutions are customisable to the size of your vessel and/or fleet, or specific crew requirements. It can be stand-alone or integrated with your onboard LAN or VSAT WAN connectivity.

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A single-pane-of-glass: Managing your entire fleet with NetCloud

Blue Wireless maritime connectivity solutions offer real-time visibility and reporting of your entire fleet, including data usage, uptime, speeds, and more.

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Blue Wireless

By relying on Blue Wireless, we remove all complexity across your entire journey: from product selection, staging, and installation to ongoing management and support – and that’s not all:

  • Multiple roaming operators

    Access to a range of data plans covering all LTE networks worldwide, and our shared data pool plans to reduce costs by sharing allowance across multiple vessels.

  • Proven expertise

    Our team of specialists will help you select, source, and deploy the best, “sailor-made” equipment for your networks.

  • Full control

    All network devices are controlled centrally, enabling fleet owners to manage devices and usage and to access them remotely without the need for IT staff onboard

  • Satellite and LTE/5G integration

    Blue Wireless integrated solution allows vessel owners to optimise both satellite and LTE/5G traffic using a single platform.

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