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Business Trends Report 2024

Fixed Wireless Access


Worldwide coverage from cellular and satellite networks has brought wireless connectivity to the world’s most distant corners, connecting more and more people and businesses to the global economy and increasing the size of the market.

Inside this paper, broadband provider Blue Wireless explores the intricacies of FWA; from its introduction to the evolving trends and current global landscape - to offer you the context and perspective you need for your enterprise connectivity strategy.


With insights from our team of experts connecting thousands of sites globally, this white paper summarizes the Fixed Wireless Access landscape and how it's changing in a global context, along with a broadening range of industries and use cases.

Further, it also touches on the potential of combining the latest technologies: LEO and LTE/5G, and how this blend can boost the efficiency and reliability of the service that you require for your business networks.

About Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless is the first and leading global provider of LTE/5G wireless connectivity for the enterprise. Our mission is to help customers along their wireless journeys by delivering worry-free connectivity solutions where other traditional networks struggle: remote locations, distributed branches, construction sites, IoT, and maritime vessels. Our secret? The right combination of LTE/5G technologies, access to multiple networks, and the best talent to design, procure, deliver, and manage network solutions for any use case.

Since being founded in 2015, Blue Wireless has expanded its global operations to offices across APAC, Europe, and the Americas. Today, we are a global team of more than 70 hands-on professionals, dedicated to the service and support of wireless solutions for more than 200 customers worldwide.

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Our global team of experts is looking forward to helping your enterprise gain all the benefits of LTE/5G connectivity.

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