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5G/LTE Connectivity for Retail

Today's retail environments are more connected than ever with network access essential to run a wide range of Point-of-Sale (POS), inventory, customer, and business applications. The number of devices is growing, from laptops and tablets to digital signage and IP-based CCTV, making always-on connectivity essential.

However, retail outlets are difficult and expensive to connect with traditional wired lines. Firstly, many retail locations are not stand-alone addresses, but store-in-store setups, where indoor wiring usually adds cost, delay, and a range of approvals from building management. Secondly, retail is dynamic, with locations, setups, and concepts changing fast and even extending to outdoor locations, kiosks, and events —  all not ideal for Telcos to deliver wired lines.

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All-in-one Solution

Blue Wireless offers a range of retail-specific solutions, which combine suitable equipment, mobile data plans, field services, and management, making connectivity a breeze for any outlet.


Our service includes next-day delivery and month-on-month plans, so your site is connected wherever you need it, when you need it, and for the time you need it.

Business benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Available on-demand to meet the needs of seasonal sales, temporary / pop-up locations, or mobile retail.

  • Reliable, cost-effective back-up services. Wireless connectivity is truly diverse and, because you pay for the data you use, it becomes a solid alternative for failover services.

  • High-speed guaranteed. Blue Wireless LTE/5G solutions offer contracted SLAs for speed and availability, and it's fully managed and supported remotely to ensure we meet those SLAs.

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Flexible Connectivity On Demand

Below are some of the popular use-cases and implementations for retail outlets, ranging from primary network connectivity powering a whole store, to low-cost connectivity for signage and other IoT applications:


E Series - 5G Ready Full Branch Solution

The E series (300/3000) offers high performance networking for branches up to 100 people, offering excellent connectivity (CAT18 LTE/5G, Fibre Port, Wave2 WIFI) network security and application management through Cradlepoint NetCloud 

AER Series - Cost Effective Branch Solution


The AER series (1600/2200) offers all-in one networking for branches up to 40 people, in a compact format with full functionality, offering up to 10 LAN ports, DualBand WIFI, CAT11 modems and extensive network management options through Cradlepoint NetCloud 


CBA Series - Reliable Access, Backup or Out of Band Mgt.

The CBA series (550/850) offers reliable 4G/LTE networking connectivity ideal in support of SD-WAN implementations. Powered through Ethernet, small and well designed, it offers a reliable lifeline for any small business operation.


IBR Series - Compact Connectivity for IOT Applications 

Small but rugged and powerful, the IBR Series (600/900) offers reliable and secure connectivity for stand alone applications such as kiosks, signage, access control and CCTV.  Ideal for 

To learn more about the technical specifications, please consult our  Cradlepoint page.  

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