Sustainable Energy

Wireless Access at Remote Sites

Ideal for Wind, Solar, Mining, Farms

Both the energy and farming sectors are going through a technological transformation accelerated by IoT applications. Ensuring reliable internet connectivity for business-critical applications at remote locations like mining, agricultural, and energy farms can be a huge challenge. 


Traditional wired connections are often impractical or overwhelming and often costly. Many enterprises have since opted for a wireless connection for fast and cost-effective deployment. 

Our solutions offer cost-effective and reliable connectivity for any type of deployment. Using the latest antenna technologies, sites can be connected many kilometres away from the nearest cell-towers offering a life-line for staff and operations at the site, or easy connectivity for IoT sensors and devices.

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Fast Deployment

No long delays for cabling, power up the device and enable connectivity within minutes.


Cost Effective

Affordable wholesale data rates across multiple SIM on a shared Data Pool.


Remote Control

Configure, troubleshoot and reboot devices without sending any staff onsite.


High Speeds

Leverage on long range antennas to improve signal received from cell tower for better throughput.

Solution Overview

Using Enterprise-grade Cradlepoint routers, we will use a long-range Poynting antenna to receive a signal

from the nearest cell tower and turn up high-speed wireless internet access at remote sites.


A Complete Connectivity Solution for Remote Sites

We have successfully deployed wireless internet access for many customers in far off places.

Read some of our use cases.


Ruggedised Hardware

IP-rated outdoor hardware with heat sink for optimal performance in remote outdoor locations.

High Speed Data 

Choose among the best networks in remote locations shared across multiple SIMs on a shared data pool.

Long Range Antennas

High gain antennas to ensure long-range stable connectivity for remote locations

Professional Services

Coverage check, site-survey, hardware staging, testing and installation of routers and antennas.

Support Management

Proactive monitoring and remote troubleshooting, on-site IT staff not required.

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