What Is A MVNO And What Benefits Do They Offer?

If you're not familiar yet with the term MVNO's, you're missing out. In short - MVNO's (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) are communication service providers which don't operate their own infrastructure, but use capacity from MNO's (Mobile Network Operators) to deliver services. So why buy communication services from an MVNO, instead an MNO? Since they don't have their own network, it must be more worse and expensive right? No!

MVNO's offer general benefits, main ones being:

  • Designed for your need. Mobile Operators often offer generic services, trying to serve millions of consumers and businesses with a standardized approach. MVNO's focus on specific segments in the market, offering customized plans designed for that segment, whether it's consumers (youth, travelers) or business (workforce, WAN networking, IOT etc.)

  • Service Focus. Since there is no large workforce and investment required to build and maintain networks, MVNOs can fully focus on serving customers and have a higher customer satisfaction compared with Mobile Network Operators.

  • Lower Price. For same reasons above, MVNO's are generally able to offer lower pricing and better benefits compared to MNO's.

For Blue Wireless, our MVNO approach offers following specific benefits for enterprises:

  • Network Independence - For business customers, connectivity is essential and thus being able to utilize multiple networks from different operators using one single contract, enables higher up-time and more flexibility. And not just in a single country, but across 20 countries in Asia Pacific.

  • Plans designed for WAN Networking - Traditional mobile plans are designed around single SIMs for use in a phone, which either have limited usage or when 'unlimited' are often throttled at download speeds not suitable for 4G WAN networking. Blue Wireless plans use shared datapool concept and are never throttled - so business can continue uninterrupted.

  • A Service, not a SIM. Our services include equipment, field services, management and yes a SIM card - but all together to ensure your seamless business connectivity, with Service Levels (SLA) attached to them. A unique combination.

Interested to know more about MVNOs? Download the report here.

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