Introducing: Long Range 4G/LTE Antennas To Keep You Connected 📡

To enable reliable 4G/LTE connectivity for business use, quality antennas are essential and often overlooked in implementations. Blue Wireless partners with two premier antennas manufacturers: Poynting from South Africa are leading when it comes to long-range connectivity for remote branches and marine. Panorama from United Kingdom offers advanced antennas for Vehicles and IOT applications. For both brands, Blue Wireless has the expertise to advise on suitable models and provide field implementation, for a range of use cases:

For Remote Locations such as mining-, energy- or engineering sites, high-gain directional antennas offer reliable 4G/LTE connectivity up to 40kms and beyond.

For Vessels and other Maritime Use, omni-directional high-gain antennas offer reliable connectivity up to 25 miles off-shore. Saltwater proof and IP rated.

For IOT projects such as Digital Signage, Vending or Kiosks, we offer affordable, durable and compact antennas ideal for urban settings, including outdoor use.

For vehicles such as buses, ambulances or service trucks we offer a range of antennas with enhanced functionality, including WIFI, GPS and VHF/UHF options.

To learn more about the antenna options we offer, talk to one of our consultants and we will make 4G/LTE connectivity a breeze. More details at or write to us at

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