4G Shared Data Pool - Everything You Need to Know

Traditional individual SIM subscriptions are not suitable for modern business connectivity requirements. Shared datapool plans are offering more flexibility and significantly reduced cost for businesses using 4G connectivity. Below are some of the most popular use cases:

Tablets for staff, kiosks and corporate use can benefit from a single shared datapool.

For GPS tracking and fleet management, shared datapool can work across multiple countries.

Shared datapool SIMs are ideal for digital signage and other connected city projects.

Shared datapool offer a cost-effective way for sensors to be connected across any area.

How do Shared Datapools Work?

With a shared datapool, your business can subscribe to one monthly data plan and share this across as many SIM cards as required.

  • Optimized Usage. No running out of plan, no unused capacity on individual plans.

  • No long-term contracts with different start-end dates. Change plans up or down anytime.

  • Add unlimited SIMs to your plan, use and activate when needed without delay.

  • High speed data for business: No speed throttling

Blue Wireless offers Shared Datapool, across multiple countries and networks across 20 countries in Asia Pacific, allowing you to optimize your plan to suit your business. Our customers save between 30-70% on monthly data charges compared to individual plans.

Want to know how much you can save? E-mail us at sales@bluewireless.asia with a short description of your requirements and we'll provide you a custom quotation.

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