Article | 15 November 2022

What Managed Network Services Mean for 5G, Wireless WAN, and Enterprise Connectivity

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Managed Wireless WAN takes the pressure off IT teams

It should come as no surprise that not every business has the IT resources needed to effectively monitor and manage its wireless network. It takes considerable resources, time, and expertise for an IT team to install, configure, and monitor an enterprise’s Wireless WAN infrastructure.

Of course, as the business expands, so does the management challenge. No business should have to sacrifice top-of-the-line network reliability or security when IT resources are stretched thin. That’s why many businesses are turning to managed network services or more specifically managed Wireless WAN as a cost-effective and scalable way to address their network infrastructure.

What is a managed Wireless WAN?

Let’s start with defining Wireless WAN. Simply put, a Wireless WAN, or WWAN, deploys cellular broadband – including 4G, Gigabit-Class LTE, and 5G technology – as an essential part of WAN infrastructure, connecting locations, vehicles, and/or IoT devices at the network edge.

A Wireless WAN offers some key advantages over traditional wired networking:

  • Highly reliable: Wireless broadband is an over-the-air connection that’s protected from terrestrial challenges, such as a backhoe accidentally cutting a fiber line.
  • Flexible: LTE and 5G can be deployed immediately, instead of waiting weeks for a vendor to install a wired line. Wireless also is easy to relocate to another site, vehicle, or spot.
  • Scalable: Cellular networks are designed to support millions of endpoints across a nationwide footprint. The ability to deal with just one or two nationwide cellular operators, instead of many regionally based wired ISPs, increases predictability and simplifies administration.

Taking it a step further, a managed Wireless WAN is a managed network service that combines the management of cellular routers or adapters, cloud capabilities, and remote monitoring via a third-party provider, all delivered for a set monthly cost. Depending on the provider, the monthly service may include cellular data connectivity or may require that a wireless data plan be added. Since the hardware, software, and responsibility for management are all provided on a subscription basis, the solution is often viewed as “network-as-a-service”.

Building out a network can be capital- and resource-intensive. A managed Wireless WAN can serve as an intelligent and cost-effective alternative for businesses requiring maximum flexibility and agility without the upfront investment.

How does a managed Wireless WAN service benefit business?

The obvious benefit of any managed IT service is the ability to leverage subject matter experts-, scaling up or down as needed, to keep operations running smoothly and freeing up existing personnel to focus on more strategic or transformational initiatives. Shifting from a CapEx- to OpEx- focused model is particularly attractive to resource-challenged small to medium sized businesses, enabling them to compete with larger-scale enterprises more efficiently.

With a managed Wireless WAN, a third-party service provider, like Blue Wireless, can guarantee business customers qualified and certified network experts available 24x7 to address:

  • Installation and upkeep of all network equipment – including replacing or repairing hardware as needed
  • Fast and simple new site deployment for rapidly growing businesses or where wirelines are prohibitive, such as temporary or pop-up locations
  • Configuration of routers to help businesses guard against security threats and take quick action if there is a breach
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and fixing connectivity issues as they arise
  • Fine-tuning for performance and dynamic routing
  • Seamless and ongoing software license management
  • Accommodating rapid adoption of new connected technologies and applications

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