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Unleashing our people’s potential – meet Jacu Amansec, new Global HR Manager

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As we continue our fast-growing journey, Jacu Amansec joins our team to lead Blue Wireless’ people strategy towards creating an ideal place for personal growth and development. In this interview, we get to know him better.

Daniela: Let’s start with the basics and tell us a bit about yourself

Jacu: You know the saying, “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are?” I believe this is 100% true, and I can describe myself by telling you who they are: they are people from different walks of life, industry, discipline, and profession. Yet, one thing that binds us is that we have all gone through many adversities in life, which we’ve overcome through perseverance, hard work, and optimism. Most importantly, we have gone through many of these challenges together. Overcoming adversity is character-building.

Professionally, I have been in many industries: oil and gas, service, design, co-working space, and communication & events. I’ve also worn multiple hats. Apart from HR, I did training and development, project management, and even sales. Now imagine extracting the learnings from both my personal and professional experiences and applying these to the people that make up a fast-growing organisation such as Blue Wireless – this is going to be a great journey, which I am genuinely excited about.

D: Where does your passion for people come from?

J: I know, for a fact, that people who are truly inspired and motivated can do amazing acts of greatness. We can all thrive when we are driven, dedicated, and motivated. Knowing I can be a part of that inspiration fuels my passion for people operations.

Outside my professional life, I find this passion in a sport I participate in, called “dragon boat”. For those who don’t know what dragon boating is, it typically consists of 22 people: 20 paddlers seated in pairs facing toward the front of the boat, one drummer at the front of the boat facing the paddlers, and one steer standing at the rear of the boat. Having all 20 people paddling simultaneously while the steer directs the boat in one direction and the drummer relays one beat to follow, is a perfect example of a motivated team working as one. This is also a great metaphor for a company with one solid vision, its employees giving their best to move forward, and a motivating and inspiring leader.

Jacu Dragonboat
People who are truly inspired and motivated can do amazing acts of greatness.

D: And why Blue Wireless?

J: Simply put, Blue Wireless is full of opportunities. It has grown (and continues to grow) exponentially. It embraces change and fascinating technology. It brings together people from different places and cultures. And still, after having interacted with the leadership team and many of my new colleagues in the last week, I see a shared vision of helping our customers succeed in a wireless world. This is just inspiring.

Being a part of this growth and organisation is a reward and an honour on its own.

D: Where do you envision Blue Wireless?

J: There are many negative stereotypes of a traditional HR: heavily bureaucratic, slow to respond, reactive, lacks empathy, does nothing but inundates everyone with low-impact and low-meaning tasks, does not take ownership of what needs to get done… and I could keep going. So, professionally, I would like to first change that and rebrand it to People Operations – to really get into the heart of the matter, roll up my sleeves and deal with the situation head-on and hands-on.

My goal then is to design a great employee experience for Blue Wireless by rolling out positive change focused on what matters and what is, actually, our greatest differentiator: the people.

Speaking of people, I envision helping unleash everyone’s potential through purpose and motivation. Like with dragon boat, I can see all Blue Wireless’ colleagues giving their best and doing leaps and bounds in their chosen discipline, not because they have or need to, but because they want to. And while we’re at it – why not aspire to be one of the world’s best employers?

D: Are we there yet?

J: We will. We are on the right path, and we’ve got amazing people in place. Like with the personal adversities and the professional challenges I have gone through in my life, being realistic but staying optimistic is key. And this is the message I would like to spread within Blue Wireless as we take this new step. Together.

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