Article | 09 May 2022

Shared data pool: everything you need to know

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Elvin Lim, Global Head of Product and Applications Singapore

Shared Data Pool plans are an excellent way for businesses with global deployments to leverage economies of scale while enjoying significant cost savings and great flexibility for their LTE/5G connectivity.

First things first: what is data pooling?

Data pooling is a solution for sharing data usage among multiple users/devices across one organisation. It allows businesses to make the best use of their available data and can be easily managed through a cloud portal to either allocate resources, set limits and have visibility of overall consumption and costs.

Data pooling can be configured at SIM card level, although this has certain limitations. Most businesses prefer to embed their SIM cards into an enterprise network platform for greater control, flexibility, and security.

Popular use cases

Some of the most popular use cases for choosing a data pool plan.

  • Fleet management - For GPS and fleet management, a shared data pool can work across the seven seas
  • Widespread country deployment – For hundreds or even thousands of sites across the country, such as retail branches or electric car charging stations along the roads
  • Smart city projects - Shared data pool plans are ideal for digital signage, robotics, and other connected city projects
  • Smart buildings - Data pooling also offers a cost-effective way for connecting sensors, devices and applications within a smart building environment

Can I share data on my network devices?

Yes. While loose SIM cards are great for personal use, they might not always suit modern business connectivity requirements, especially when there are more sophisticated enterprise network settings to be applied to the shared data pool.

Having a shared data pool on your network devices provides an even greater level of reliability, security, and control with additional features such as:

  • Multi-network – You will no longer be locked into a single carrier and enjoy the best possible throughput no matter where you roam
  • Smart WAN selection – The device firmware will detect and switch to the best operator for a seamless wireless experience
  • Enterprise security – Apply firewall, web filtering, and intrusion prevention system filters across your data pool plan
  • Cloud platform – Control and analyse your SIM cards data usage via the network device managed platform

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Blue Wireless offers shared data pool, across multiple countries and networks worldwide bundled with network devices, allowing you to optimise your plan to suit your business needs.

Our customers are already saving between 30-70% on monthly data charges compared to individual plans, so join the crowd!

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