Press Release | 26 November 2023

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BOSTON — December 07, 2023 Connectbase, The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, welcomes Blue Wireless to The Connected World platform. Blue Wireless, the leading global provider for fixed wireless connectivity for enterprise, is bringing on-demand pricing and availability information for its global services into the Connectbase ecosystem.

“We are excited to welcome Blue Wireless to the Connectbase ecosystem, a partnership that underscores our mission to catalog the worlds networks with location based insights. With on-demand pricing and availability in over 80 countries for wireless WAN connectivity, Blue Wireless offers a unique advantage to customers in our ecosystem.”
Edison Smith , VP of Sales for EMEA, Connectbase

Blue Wireless empowers buyers in The Connected World platform to build complete diversity in their corporate network design. Due to the extremely low likelihood of outages impacting both wired and wireless networks at the same time, supplementing one with the other provides a fool-proof strategy for network continuity. Additional advantages of fixed wireless connectivity to ecosystem members include significantly faster delivery time, flexible deployment and connectivity for remote locations where wired services are not available.

“We’re proud to be the first provider of our kind on a truly global scale in the Connectbase ecosystem. Our global connectivity services give platform members instant pricing and local availability information in over 80 countries globally and The Connected World Platform gives us one tool to connect with buyers eliminating a great deal of inefficiency in quoting and ordering.”
Ivan Landen , CEO, Blue Wireless

The unique aspect of the quoting platform is that it gives availability information of wireless service for a specific location, something unavailable on a global scale to date.

“Deployment of Fixed Wireless service is often frustrated by not knowing the expected internet access speeds available at a specific location, making accurate network design difficult. Our new availability algorithm leverages actual wireless performance information to give customers not only a firm price, but also a specific orderable speed, which is guaranteed by Blue Wireless for delivery.”
Ivan Landen , CEO, Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless service information is available to all existing Connectbase partners immediately via The Connected World platform and Blue Wireless extends access via its new branded portal from 1 January 2024 via

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