Product Review | 09 December 2022

Product Review: Celerway GO

Celerway GO
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Yeow Rong Quek, Product Manager Singapore

The demand for enterprise mobility and flexibility has grown exponentially in the last few years – and with that, an equally growing demand for seamless Internet connectivity regardless of where you are. Whether you’re sitting at a desk or on the field. Or whether you freelance, work remotely, or have become a digital nomad.

For whatever the use case, when it comes to work, connectivity must be reliable, secure, and with enough bandwidth to cope with business requirements. This is exactly how Celerway GO came to our hands for our team of wireless experts to review—and see if there was any place for it in our LTE/5G portfolio.

What is Celerway GO

Celerway GO presents itself as the only portable, battery-powered, dual-modem LTE router that’s powerful and reliable enough to keep enterprise networks running, no matter where in the world they’re deployed.

The new Celerway GO has been designed to help enterprise users, from the solo freelancer to an entire fleet of roaming engineers, to unlock the full potential of cellular data networks with always-on connectivity, mobility, and high performance.

Compact, lightweight, and completely portable

The portable bit can't be denied. Celerway GO has been packaged up into an ultra-lightweight and compact device that measures just 79mm x 141mm in size and weighs just 0.33kg (to give you an idea, the latest iPhone 13 device measures 71mm x146mm).

The GO is also battery-powered, has an operating time of up to seven hours during standard use, and is rechargeable via USB-C using both main power and battery power banks. It’s important to note, however, that those seven hours will depend on the usage load. Also, charging time is relatively slow, requiring up to two hours. To balance this out, batteries are easily interchangeable, and using a power bank enables charging while on the move. It’s also worth noting that when pushing the GO to the max, it can get quite hot, and the fans to cool it down can be fairly noisy. Keep this in mind if you plan to use the GO in warm climates.

Those of you familiar with the world of mobile connectivity can think of the Celerway GO as a sort-of consumer-grade MiFi device, but it goes way beyond that.

Mobile beyond MIFI: reliable, secure, high-speed Internet connectivity

Those of you familiar with the world of mobile connectivity can think of the Celerway GO as a sort-of consumer-grade MiFi device, but it goes way beyond that. Aside from being mobile, Celerway GO’s enterprise-grade features meet your IT team’s needs in a variety of ways:

Out-of-the-box VPN—Maintain secure access to sensitive company resources from the first deployment with Celerway Phantom VPN built on WireGuard, a quite modern, secure, and efficient VPN.

Nimbus remote management—Celerway’s own cloud-based platform allows central IT teams to configure, update, and manage GO remotely through the cloud, and monitor via SNMP no matter how dispersed. Troubleshoot problems, deploy policies and firmware to secure your networks, and conduct software updates from anywhere.

Dual modem—Load-balanced dual modem (and dual SIM) means that traffic is split between two simultaneous connections. In combination with Blue Wireless data plans with multiple operators, you can ensure network diversity for a more reliable, always-on connection.

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Product Specifications

  • 950Mbps maximum load balancing capacity
  • 180Mbps Phantom VPN encryption
  • 60Mbps IPSec VPN encryption
  • 79mm x 141mm x 30mm in size
  • 0.33kg in weight
  • 5o to 35oC operating temperature
  • 5% to 85% operating humidity
  • Chargeable with USB-C
  • Dual sim with a global license for international coverage
  • Up to 5 simultaneous WAN connections
  • 2 x GB LAN/WAN configurable
  • 2 x SMA Female (LTE) Connectors
  • 2 x Micro USB-C ports
  • 10.000 mAh operating time up to 7 hours
  • 3 years of Phantom Dynamic VPN license
  • 3 years of Nimbus Remote Management license
  • 1 year of hardware warranty

Enhancing the experience with LTE antennas

One great feature of Celerway GO is that it works in tandem with the latest 5G-ready LTE antennas (like those from Poynting) to ensure that connectivity stays reliable even in the most remote of locations, something that’s typically not possible with other hardware solutions like MiFi devices.

If the nature of your work means that you need a completely dependable, faultless connection, but you often find yourself working in non-urban locations, then you can consider a Poynting Puck-2 to match the compactness of the GO, keeping you up and running in most scenarios.

Our verdict: Most likely, the best of both worlds

Following our testing, and in our opinion, the Celerway GO provides the best of both worlds by offering the convenience and portability of a MiFi device with the performance, security, and reliability of enterprise-grade solutions that are usually found only in office environments.

One GO can support a team of up to 5-10 people without compromising on quality, making it ideal for offsite activities. Other great use cases include:

  • Traveling Executives
  • Field workers: technical engineers, journalists, etc.
  • Pop-up retail sites or events
  • Home or remote workers
  • Maritime

What’s more, when purchased via Blue Wireless, it can be coupled with local or international data plans, or data pools. We can also offer equipment bundles with Poynting antennas and Panorama cables for a complete solution.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to our team who will be able to advise you on whether the GO is suitable for your use case.

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