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Meet Tina Johansson, our new Customer Success Manager

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As our company grows, so does our customer base. This makes it even more important that we keep in close contact with our clients, especially as their requirements evolve, to ensure we continue to delight them along their wireless journey.

In this context, we are happy to introduce you to Tina Johansson, our new Customer Success Manager. Tina joins Blue Wireless to run our new Service Management practice, which is all about improving and optimising the services which customers receive and to add value to our customers. While she is new at Blue Wireless, she is not new at this game, also not to our industry.

In this short interview, she tells us a bit about her journey and her vision of Service Management for Blue Wireless.

Era: Before we get to business, tell us a bit about yourself and about your journey until arriving at Blue Wireless.

Tina: I moved to Holland in 2009 and coincidently started working for Expereo on the purchase side of the business. A few years later I joined Global Internet. At that time it was a small startup with just 4 people and I got to do many different things. As the company grew, I came to focus on procurement and service delivery before I moved to service management and that’s where I am now.

E: And how did you end up choosing Blue Wireless?

T: It was easy! Blue Wireless is at a hyper-growth phase, and I find it to be an exciting time to join. A huge part of my role is about balancing the needs of our clients with the goals of our company, and understanding how I can help customers – which is one of the key things Blue Wireless would like to focus on and where I know I can contribute towards this goal.

It is about helping customers to get the most value out of the services they receive from Blue Wireless.

E: When you think about Service Management, what do you think about?

T: It is about helping customers to get the most value out of the services they receive from Blue Wireless. We’ll help with reporting, planning, identifying potential service issues, and more, helping them along their journey with us. As more of their network connectivity depends on Blue Wireless, this is essential for long-term success.

E: What do you think will be your priorities now that you are on board?

T: Getting to know the customers, exploration calls, and start building a plan on how we can optimize and improve our installed base which is critical for both our customers as well as for Blue Wireless.

E: Sounds great – Welcome on board!

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