Our people | 23 November 2021

Meet Michiel van der Maas, Blue Wireless new Global Head of Sales

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We are excited to announce our new Global Head of Sales, Michiel van der Maas. Michiel is an entrepreneurial sales and business leader with vast international experience in general management and an excellent track record in sales, revenue growth, and business development.

Michiel lived for almost six years in South America, where he led Expereo’s growth in the LATAM region, and then moved back to the Netherlands to continue his path in the world of enterprise networks. Prior to that, Michiel had held several strategic and commercial roles in the industry and now, with the pleasure of having him on board, we took some time from his (already) busy schedule to get to know him better.

BW: While we are keen to talk about business, let’s talk about your passion for enterprise networks and where did it start? MvdM: Back in the day, I started with Infonet, helping multinational organisations to connect their globally dispersed offices on a private network to enable the workforce to access business applications. I loved the international and multicultural character of this industry and decided it was an area I wanted to continue to explore. And that’s exactly what I did – it even brought me and my family overseas!

BW: And why Blue Wireless? What excited you about this business?

MvdM: Relations, or people if you like, are very important in any line of business. Ivan and I have always stayed in touch (both of us Dutch expats, both living abroad for a long time, both passionate about networks), and the “niche of niches” he and Joop decided to develop is, without doubt, an exciting one. Wireless access is quite unique, and I am convinced of its potential for businesses of all kinds.

Further, Blue Wireless is the frontrunner in providing fixed wireless access “as-a-service,” sold and delivered on a one-stop-shop basis on a global scale. Finally, the icing on the cake: the team powering this company: a truly global, multicultural, professional, and, last but not least, a fun bunch of people! So, what’s not to like?!

"So, wireless access ticks all the boxes for businesses: quick deployment, truly redundant, and a strong alternative to fiber, available everywhere."
Michiel van der Maas, Global Head of Sales , Blue Wireless

BW: Where do you see us going, and how do you plan to make it happen?

MvdM: Connectivity and associated redundancy needs continue to surge. The speed to connect is of the essence for enterprises worldwide. IoT-type developments are evolving at an incredible pace. Not to mention the consistent improvement in quality, spread, and speeds wireless technology has on offer. So, wireless access ticks all the boxes for businesses: quick deployment, truly redundant, and a strong alternative to fiber, available everywhere.

Then, there are the ‘new’ markets we are starting to serve, such as nearshore (vessels) and EV (IoT) loading systems, which continue to expand the list of industries that can benefit from Blue Wireless plug & play capability: maritime, construction, retail, energy, etc. So, I am more than excited about the opportunity of getting the word out to ensure multinational enterprises don’t miss out and have our capabilities at their fingertips for consideration.

BW: Sounds exciting. Any final thoughts?

MvdM: It's been a great start so far, getting to know our customers, prospects, and partners (and still going through the list). There’s so much going on and so many ideas coming in, so all I can say is: bring it on.

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