Article | 08 August 2018

Happy birthday, Singapore!

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Written by
Ivan Landen, CEO Global

In 53 years, Singapore has transformed itself from a tiny island to a successful smart nation, offering a high quality of life and creating opportunities for people and businesses.

Singaporean society has become incredibly tech-savvy and proficient with 91% of households in Singapore having high-speed internet access, and a mobile penetration rate of 151%. With technology being such an integral part of Singaporean’s daily life, the possibilities of how it can evolve in the coming years are staggering.

As part of the Smart Nation initiative, the government of Singapore introduced a range of initiatives such as Moments of Life, cashless payment, digital transformation in government, and redesigning government digital infrastructure. To learn more, you can download the Updated Milestones for Strategic National Projects. But this is just the beginning, and countless possibilities still lie ahead. So happy birthday Singapore!

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