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Employee Spotlight: Meet Tim

Tim Patrick

Let’s dive right in. Tell us, who is Tim Patrick?

Hello! I’m Tim, I’ve been 25 for about 8 years now and joined Blue Wireless almost 2 years ago. I’ve been living in Amsterdam just over 5 years but originally hail from Gods own county – Yorkshire, England.

Great to meet you, Tim! Could you tell us a bit more about your professional journey and how it (thankfully for us) led you to Blue Wireless?

I’ve fortunately, or unfortunately, spent my career in Telecoms, starting out as an engineer in satellite communications. I’ve been drawn over the years to more and more international and commercial roles. Which is how I’ve ended up here! I love solving the kind of problems that come with globally distributed clients and working with big international customers. I’ve spent a lot of my career in customer facing roles, including product development and sales support functions. I love solving problems, so joining Blue Wireless as Product and Pre-Sales Manager just made sense.

"I love solving the kind of problems that come with globally distributed clients and working with big international customers."
Tim Patrick , Product and Pre-sales Manager at Blue Wireless

Interesting, and how do you apply that experience in your role at BW?

As a Product and Pre-Sales manager at Blue Wireless I spend my time working with customers to understand their needs, define technical designs and interfaces, and get into the detail of how our product works alongside our Sales colleagues. I also serve as the Product Manager for our Custom Solutions product line, making sure we’re flexible enough to meet, almost, any customer need and can actually deliver. I love helping customers get value from their Blue Wireless services.

BW bus

Surely you’re not all work and no play – tell us how you unwind after a hectic work week.

Outside Blue Wireless my passion is all things Comedy, I’m a regular on the English-Speaking standup comedy scene in the Netherlands and am always looking for that next show! I’ve been pursuing Stand-up for a few years now and it’s a very rewarding Hobby, and not only to get all that much needed validation from strangers, it’s great to be able to bring a little bit more laughter and happiness into the world. Plus, comedy is a great excuse to travel, I always try to find a show in any new city I’m taken to and I’ve seen lots of cities in the Netherlands particularly I’d probably never have visited without comedy. (So, customers, if you’re reading this… please feel free to recommend any local clubs you know near your offices… 😉).


Every office does need an uplifting spirit. What called you to The Netherlands?

I moved to the Netherlands just over 5 years ago, deciding it was time for an adventure so I chose the country less than an hour’s flight away – with almost identical weather and another local cuisine the world has decided is best left in its own country…

I have to admit, day and weekend trips aside, I’ve not ventured far outside the Amsterdam metro area. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, which isn’t a controversial opinion, and a really easy place to live. I love cycle culture, it’s very freeing to live somewhere where everywhere you want to go is easily and safely accessible by bike. Amsterdam’s also a really international city, you’ll hear plenty of languages on the streets, and meet people from all over the world. This year is the year I’ll see more of the Netherlands! (Which I definitely don’t say every year…)

Thank you, Tim. We appreciate the hard work and witty humour you bring to the table!

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