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Employee Spotlight: Meet Swenia

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The next Employee Spotlight features Swenia Dsouza, our lovely Finance Administrator who hails from India, and is now based in our Amsterdam office.

Hi Swenia, let's get started! Tell us more about yourself, where are you from?

Hello, I am Swenia, from the picturesque coastal city of Mangalore, India! Armed with a B.Sc. Nursing degree and over ten years of work stories.

My expedition began in Dubai, working as the Admin Assistant. Four years of desert adventures later, marriage knocked on my door, and I swapped the skyscrapers for the bustling energy of Bangalore. I leaped into a dual role as EA to the Director and Contractor Hiring Coordinator, wearing multiple hats with grace.

Four years of handling the hustle and bustle of Bangalore later, life threw us a curveball - the Netherlands! Yes, the land of windmills, tulips, and mind-boggling bike lanes.

Now, I'm on a brand-new adventure at Blue Wireless, diving into the finance world as a Finance Admin. My passion for finance is stealing the spotlight, and the excitement is soaring as I embrace this fantastic chapter!

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Wow, life has indeed been exciting for you! Since you've been with us for almost a year, what do you enjoy the most about working at Blue Wireless?

Fresh in the Netherlands, fueled by a keen eagerness for the finance world. I set out to scout opportunities that would let me spread my finance wings, and what do you know? Fate (or maybe just luck) led me to Blue Wireless as a Finance Admin.

Now, here's the exciting part – Blue Wireless isn't just a workplace; it's a whole vibe. The people here are amazing! Seriously, they welcomed me with open arms, and my manager deserves a gold medal for making everything feel like a walk in the park. It's a big cultural shift, but the crew here made it all feel like wrapping up in a cozy blanket rather than riding a chaotic rollercoaster.

"Blue Wireless is all about learning and growing. The big bosses? Always there, always ready to help. And the best part? My work buddies also opened my eyes (and taste buds) to Dutch snacks – a total game-changer! We have folks from over 13 different corners of the world. Every day is a mix of work, laughs, and discovering the wonders of each other's cultures."
Swenia Dsouza , Finance Administrator at Blue Wireless

In a nutshell, Blue Wireless isn't just a job; it's my daily dose of excitement. From chasing finance dreams to munching on Dutch delights, it's a ride I'm absolutely loving! 🚀✨

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Thank you for all the compliments! I'm sure your bosses all appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work that you bring daily to the table. Speaking of work, what's your day-to-day like?

I'm the go-to person for accounts payables in our growing team, handling all things money-related, especially paying the bills. My job is like solving a new puzzle every day. I dive into the details of paying bills, sort things out, and make sure everything matches up. It's a bit like a daily game, and I really enjoy the challenge.

Now, when it comes to the team, it's like we're a big, friendly group working together to make things awesome. We're not just getting more people; we're getting better at working together. I get to chat with finance teams from the US, UK, and Singapore. It's like a virtual party where we share what we know and help each other out.

And the best part? I get to handle the UK finance on my own. I've got a Country Operations Manager, helping out, but having the freedom to do my part is pretty cool.

That's cool! What do you do after work to destress then, anything fun that you're currently into?

Stepping out of the Blue Wireless buzz, I'm in full yoga mode, trying to nail those poses and channelling my inner zen. It's a mission, you know, finding peace one pose at a time.

Now, let's talk adventures. Meet my dynamic duo - my husband and our four-legged explorer, Mango. Yep, Mango is not just a fruit; For us he's our furry sidekick. He's been with us since our Indian days, and now, he's living his best life, soaking in the Dutch weather. Mango is practically a globetrotter, tagging along with us everywhere we go. From Indian streets to Dutch canals, he's seen it all! So, outside the Blue Wireless bubble, it's all about finding balance on the yoga mat, exploring with Mango, and diving into the sweet escape of stories and tunes. Life's an adventure, and I'm loving every bit of it!

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I love the enthusiasm and positive outlook that you have on migrating to a whole new country. Any word of advice for those looking to move to Europe too?

In India, traffic is like a Bollywood blockbuster – a chaotic dance where every vehicle is a superstar. Now, hop to Europe, and it's a silent film, with everyone following the script with precision.

In India, it's a foodie's paradise. From the crispy masala dosa to the aromatic biryani, every bite is a flavor explosion. And in the Netherlands? Get ready for some cheese mania! And don't even get me started on stroopwafels – those caramel-filled waffle wonders. It's a culinary journey through dairy heaven.

Now, the weather. India's all about that sunshine, like a never-ending summer. Europe? It's a bit moody, like it can't decide if it wants to dance in the rain or soak up the sunshine.

But amidst the differences, here's the plot twist - people vibes. Whether it's the bustling streets of India or the chill canals in the Netherlands, that warmth and connection stay the same. Smiles are like the universal language. 😊

I absolutely agree with you on that one! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Swenia!

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