Our people | 26 May 2023

Employee Spotlight: Meet Phattariya Cholpratin


Fun fact: in our Netherlands office, we are 21 colleagues (and counting!) and 13 nationalities! One of those is Thai, represented by our interviewee of today: Phattariya on her passport, but for everyone else, she is Pui, from our Sales Support team.

Let’s start by getting to know you – who are you, where do you come from, and how do you find Amsterdam?

My name is Phattariya Cholpratin, and my nickname is Pui. I am originally from Thailand but moved to the Netherlands in 2009. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in Business Information Systems from Assumption University in Thailand.

Moving from Thailand to Amsterdam was an exciting experience for me. Leaving my home country behind wasn’t easy (I miss Thai food so much!). But, even though the Thai community in the Netherlands is not particularly large, I feel fortunate to have met some amazing Thai friends here; also, since moving here, I have learned to cook Thai myself.

Today, I am happy to call Amsterdam my home. Living in a multicultural city like Amsterdam has influenced how I see the world and made me value different cultures.


That’s interesting. And once in Amsterdam, how did you end up in the business of wireless networks, and how do you like it?

Before I joined Blue Wireless, I worked in the Luxury Business in Amsterdam as a Sales Representative for 9 years. But after 9 years, I felt I had had enough and was ready to move on.

I had always wanted to work in a Tech company since it is related to my studies in Information Systems. I found a position as a Sales Coordinator at Blue Wireless, and I was very happy when I got it. One of the things that make working at Blue Wireless even more enjoyable is the fun and supportive colleagues. I feel thankful to have such good colleagues and supportive managers. We share laughter, exchange ideas, and support each other, making the workplace feel like a second home.

"I feel thankful to have such good colleagues and supportive managers. We share laughter, exchange ideas, and support each other."
Phattariya Cholpratin , Sales Coordinator, Blue Wireless NL

And what do you do in your Sales Coordinator role? Could you tell us more about it

I thoroughly enjoy this role as it is constantly moving and at a fast pace. That keeps me engaged and energized. I thrive on challenges as they push me to improve and learn new things. Since joining the team, I’ve noticed positive changes and progress. We also grew our team, and now I have the chance to lead it and share learnings with my colleagues.

Now, we are working more effectively and supporting each other’s work. I’m excited to see the continued growth and success of the team.

Enough about work! Who is Pui outside the office? What do you do in your own time?

I have a couple of hobbies that bring me much joy and relaxation. One of my favourite activities is drawing and painting. I love to express myself through art and let my creativity flow. Another activity that brings me a lot of excitement is travelling. I have a deep passion for exploring new places, learning about different cultures, and discovering the beauties of our world.


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