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Employee spotlight: Meet Jethro

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From Malaysia, we go now to the Netherlands to meet one of our youngest colleagues; nevertheless, one who has stuck with us since the early beginnings of our Dutch Office (back then, we were only seven people!).

In this interview, Jethro shares with us about his life in and out Blue Wireless and his journey in this wireless world!

Let’s get to know you first. Who is Jethro?!

Hi, Jethro here! I’m 23 years old and working as a Network Engineer for Blue Wireless Europe, based in the Netherlands – although I am originally from the Philippines. I live in a beautiful city called Nijmegen with my girlfriend, and sometimes when I need to be in the Office, I’m in Castricum with my father.

From the Philippines to the Netherlands, can you tell us more about that?

I was only nine when I moved from the Philippines to the Netherlands. One thing I remember when arriving at Schiphol Airport was thinking, “why is it still day?” because I left the PH at noon. That was also my first time flying, and it was really exciting.

After those first impressions, I quickly noticed a lot of cultural differences growing up. But it’s quite interesting because I’m now used to both cultures. I don’t remember much about learning the Dutch language, but I fluently speak it now, and without a Tagalog accent! The big difference is the weather (no wonder). I was used to the tropical seasons: so, rain, sun, repeat. In the Netherlands, the weather changes every hour. Sometimes it would rain, and a couple of hours later, it would snow or hail, and then be sunny after the cloud goes—all seasons in one day!

You’ve been in Blue Wireless for some time (and we are incredibly grateful for it!). Can you share with us how you arrived here and, more importantly, why you are still with us?

I joined the Blue Wireless family, starting as an intern. This was the early years of Blue Wireless in Europe, with only seven colleagues based in our Haarlem office.

Because I was still at school at that time, I couldn’t work full-time at Blue Wireless. Then, I was working under an on-call contract, mainly in charge of on-site installs, which I enjoyed doing, especially when visiting places I’d never been before, adding a bit of sightseeing while working. That work and travel combination was great for me at that time. It was up to me to decide if I could handle the job depending on my studies. Plus, needless to say, working with the Blue Wireless NL team is always a blast; everyone is always open to helping you out when you need it, which is also the reason I decided to take a full-time role once I finished my studies. So altogether, I’ve been close to three years in the team.

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But Blue Wireless was not even my first job. Before starting here, I was already working in the IT branch. I’ve always been interested in tech and all new innovations going around. My first job was working as support/repair at a Media Markt (a big European tech retailer). I enjoyed that job because I learned a lot about repairing different devices, from phones to laptops, and sometimes TVs.

After my internships, my first real job was working as a Network/Cloud Engineer at Wireless Works. While working there, I followed a school course doing Embedded Systems Engineering but didn’t follow through because I didn’t enjoy being at school anymore – I was hungry for the real world! Then I got an offer from my good friend Wouter (Blue Wireless Network Manager), and I couldn’t refuse the idea of being a full-timer at BW Amsterdam. Now we’re here, still learning lots about 4G/5G connectivity. And it is also good to see Blue Wireless expanding through the years: we are now 3x bigger than three years ago ­­– and still growing!

"Working with the Blue Wireless NL team is always a blast; everyone is always open to helping you out when you need it, which is also the reason I decided to take a full-time role once I finished my studies."
Jethro Vargas , Network Engineer - Blue Wireless Europe

Great story, Jethro – but enough about work! Now, tell us what you do outside the Office.

I’m not only a techie, but I’m also a gear-head. I love driving cars and working on cars (that’s why working at Blue Wireless, I get the best of both worlds 😉) Besides that, I kickbox and climb/boulder. To cool off, I also enjoy hiking with my girlfriend in the woods, and we are planning to trail at the Mont Blanc. And when I’m not doing any of that, I game with my friends or hang out somewhere.

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About hanging out, can you give us some insider information? We all hear about Amsterdam, but not much about Nijmegen or Castricum!

Living in the Netherlands can be expensive sometimes, but I still enjoy living here. I’m thankful to my mom for bringing me to the Netherlands for a better life.

Something to know: the Netherlands is so small that the drive from my dad in Castricum to my home in Nijmegen is just 1,5 hours (Amsterdam in between). That is already from the West end to East end. Also fun fact, did you know that there is a Pyramid in the Netherlands?

(No, I didn’t know that 😊) Thanks, Jethro!

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