Our people | 27 March 2024

Employee Spotlight: Meet Clifton

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We're heading to Singapore for the next Employee Spotlight, and this time we're interviewing Clifton Ngeow, one of our three Applications Developer.

Hi Clifton, I heard you've recently passed the 3-year mark at Blue Wireless. Happy 3rd work anniversary! Alright, let's begin, do tell us more about yourself.

Hi guys, and thank you! I'm homegrown and bred in Singapore. Also, I studied in Singapore Management University with a Degree in Science (Information Systems), but unfortunately that degree is no longer in existence. ☹ Information Technology outgrows itself every 5 years, and I have to spend some time catching up every now and then; if not, I would be left behind.

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It's true, Information Technology is always constantly evolving, and at such a quick pace too. I am starting to see how that kickstarted your journey towards Blue Wireless. Were you in a similar industry before your current role?

Before Blue Wireless, I was working for an IT consultation company (think Big 4). I had just graduated and was interested in all things data. Even though I was meant to be a data analyst, I somehow ended up spending most of my time building applications, be it frontend or backend. When I was deciding to leave my previous job, I was in the crossroads between continuing doing data or developing application when Blue Wireless presented an opportunity for me to decide. Moving into a smaller company (at that time, it was half the number of colleagues than what we have now) was definitely a great eye-opener.

"The people are closer, and the different departments spend more time communicating and hanging out together (sometimes even after office hours), compared to larger corporations."
Clifton Ngeow , Applications Developer at Blue Wireless

That sounds lovely! Do share more about your role too, what's your day-to-day like, and how has the team has been shaping up since you started?

My daily tasks includes building applications and solving problems through them! It could be building a web application, backend APIs, reports, data migration or maybe even a simple script, but all of this is to save the man-hours of the other various departments, so they can work on other important details instead. Since joining in Mar 2021, I’ve had two other members join in this journey to solve problems through software engineering. We regularly support each other through the different projects, that ultimately improves the global process flow of Blue Wireless.

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What about things that you enjoy doing outside work? How do you spend your off-days?

Travelling to Hokkaido gave a chance to enjoy snowboarding for the first time and I love it so much I am preparing myself for the next time. Besides snowboarding(inaccessible in hot sunny Singapore), I spend my time weightlifting regularly and running almost daily. Or I could be in the online servers playing CS2 with my teammates. Recently, I have picked up playing darts and have also joined a competition with my friends!

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Thank you for your time, Clifton! Is there anything else that you'd like to mention?

Yes, the people at BW are incredible! Having these wonderful colleagues around is a huge factor in staying at Blue Wireless for 3 years. A big shoutout to my Mentor-and-Manager, for always choosing to go the extra mile and leading our team so well, despite our unorthodox setup.

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