Press Release | 26 April 2023

Simplicity & Value: Blue Wireless releases next generation of product portfolio

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Blue Wireless releases next generation of its product portfolio with new pricing plans, an instant quoting portal, and new add-ons for service enhancements.

Singapore 26 April 2023.- Blue Wireless, the global leader in Fixed Wireless Access services for the enterprise, announced today the release of the next generation of its Global Wireless Access flagship product. The refresh includes higher global discounts, new plans, instant quoting capability, and add-on services to offer more value and simplicity for customers worldwide.

Plans for every use case

There's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all," which is why Blue Wireless offers multiple pricing plans to cater to different use cases and budgets. With today's announcement, the company launched its new Infinity Plan, aimed at businesses with higher bandwidth demands. This new Plan allows customers to burst to maximum LTE/5G speeds, while offering a guaranteed minimum speed to ensure always-on performance.

(See: Global Wireless Access Datasheet)

"Blue Wireless stands out in the market for offering global enterprises a fully managed Wireless Access service with unlimited data plans at a fixed monthly price and worldwide coverage. The new Infinity Plan offers higher speeds to support bandwidth-hungry applications, at a better rate than existing plans. And, like all Global Wireless Access services, it comes with business-grade Cradlepoint equipment, on-site install, 24/7 support, and performance SLAs to provide a worry-free experience for customers worldwide."
Elvin Lim , Global Head of Product and Applications at Blue Wireless

Committed to simplicity

Besides the Infinity Plan, Blue Wireless' product refresh raises the bar with new service add-ons focused on simplifying global implementations and the overall service experience.

From May onwards, on one single order, customers can add new service options such as managed WIFI Access Points, Managed Failover services, or Antenna Installation Packages – all of which are available to enhance their connectivity without stretching their IT teams or having to rely on additional suppliers.

Instant Pricing & Availability

The company's announcement also included the launch of Blue Wireless' new Instant Quoting Engine – offering 24/7 access to pricing and service availability information. By combining various sources of network coverage and cell-tower locations into a unique algorithm, Blue Wireless will not only provide customers with instant pricing, but also specific speed availability for queried locations.

The Instant Quoting Engine will reduce the complexity and waiting times for obtaining a quote and is available through API or as a self-service portal. With the launch of the Instant Quoting Engine, Blue Wireless becomes the first provider to offer automated pricing and availability for Fixed Wireless Access at a global scale.

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