Article | 05 July 2022

Blue Wireless opens new Experience Centre in Amsterdam

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Daniela Muente, Global Marketing Manager The Netherlands

"High-speeds" and "Reliable Connectivity" go great in our marketing message. But how high? And what do we mean by "reliable"? Also, how do we manage your network, and what router should you choose?

These questions were the starting point for the team to design our new Blue Wireless Experience Centre. A space built with Cradlepoint, our strategic partner and leader in LTE/5G network edge solutions, aimed to make more tangible the services and solutions offered to our customers worldwide.

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"Very graphic and hands-on. Best part was "unplugging" the wired connection and seeing the wireless failover in real time."
Chris Worth | Technical Copywriter

Experience LTE/5G

"Cut the wires" and see how fast you'll get back online with our automated failover solution. Do a speed test for any location in the world. Understand the difference between an IBR 600C and an E300, learn which one fits your use case, and, while you are there, check out the different Poynting antennas we use to further improve connectivity performance.

Would you like to learn more? Check the video below for an explanation of the components you'll find at the Experience Centre, or contact us to book a meeting.

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Let's talk wireless

Tim Patrick, Pre-Sales & Product Manager

Experience the value of LTE/5G and Blue Wireless' solutions at our Experience Centre. Or just come for a coffee, we'd love to have you over.