Press Release | 21 February 2023

Blue Wireless launches new webstore to simplify the procurement process of wireless network equipment

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The new Blue Wireless Webstore will enable customers worldwide to procure the latest wireless equipment from leading LTE/5G brands, including Cradlepoint, Poynting Antennas, and Celerway Communications; bundled together with our professional managed services.

Singapore / Amsterdam, 22 February 2023.- Blue Wireless, the first global service provider of LTE/5G wireless network solutions, has launched its new eCommerce platform available at The webstore offers a streamlined ordering process where businesses can procure the latest wireless network solutions, including LTE/5G routers and antennas, some of which are available as part of Blue Wireless' managed services to meet a diverse range of wireless use cases.

A worry-free ordering experience

The Blue Wireless Webstore is designed to make the process of buying wireless network equipment more efficient, anywhere in the world. Besides detailed product information, customers can benefit from pricing transparency, discount options, global delivery with real-time order tracking, and personalised advice from Blue Wireless' pool of global experts. Further, customers can opt for bundles and add-ons from the Blue Wireless portfolio, including additional services and data plans.

"As a global service provider in wireless network solutions, we know the hurdles in getting the right equipment at the right place and time. While most customers know us for our global managed services, which are also offered on the webstore with some of our vendor partners, we now also support those businesses that require equipment to build their own solutions. In the end, our objective remains: to reduce complexity and enable wireless solutions to support global businesses."
Ivan Landen , CEO Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless’ own global footprint and distribution network will reduce waiting times and shipping costs.

Hand-picked brands by Blue Wireless experts

At launch, the Blue Wireless Webstore offers the latest LTE/5G solutions from Cradlepoint - with Blue Wireless’ managed service bundles; routers from Celerway Communications; and antennas from Poynting – all of which are leaders in their category for wireless edge solutions and strategic partners of Blue Wireless. Other brands will be added progressively, enabling more wireless use cases and offering a greater choice for global businesses.

The world is going wireless

Research indicates that the wireless networking market will reach $132.9 billion by the end of 2027 with a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 12.8.%. This growth is driven by the acceleration of LTE and 5G technologies, which are giving way to a number of new use cases along the fields of IoT, smart cities and devices, and an increased need for flexible networks across both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.

By leveraging the Blue Wireless Webstore and its global delivery capability, more businesses will now have access to the equipment, professional services and guidance only available to large enterprise customers. Visit the new Blue Wireless webstore at

About Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless is the first global service provider for wireless connectivity, with a single focus on helping our customers succeed in a wireless world.

Headquartered in Singapore, and with a local footprint across all regions, Blue Wireless delivers ultra-reliable and flexible connectivity solutions where traditional networks struggle - branches, stores, remote locations, IoT, and the maritime sector, and we do this by bringing together the latest LTE/5G technologies, built expertise, and hands-on team in more than 80 countries worldwide. Learn more:

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Our global team of experts is looking forward to helping your enterprise gain all the benefits of LTE/5G connectivity.

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