Press Release | 18 October 2022

Blue Wireless expands portfolio to enable the digital frontline

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Singapore / Amsterdam, 19 October 2022.- We are pleased to announce that Blue Wireless, the first global service provider of LTE/5G wireless network solutions, is extending its portfolio to bring reliable and secure connectivity to field- and frontline professionals. In partnership with Celerway, Blue Wireless now offers enterprises the most powerful and compact mobile connectivity solution in the world, Celerway GO, combined with a range of data options and services.

For a few years, we’ve witnessed the digital transformation of frontline workers. Especially after the global pandemic, new technologies, collaboration tools, and devices have surged across all industries to enable the frontline to collaborate, perform and deliver unique customer experiences – wherever they are.

"Field and mobile workers shouldn’t rely on public WiFis, especially consumer-grade devices, for their daily operations. But they also can’t go around with a 10kg router in their pockets. This is where Celerway adds value: we bring enterprise-grade, secure connectivity to power employees on the go.”
Audun Fosselie Hansen , CEO Celerway
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For end-users, Celerway’s ultra-compact battery-powered router “GO” means true mobility, with built-in modern VPN functionalities for blazing-fast secure access to company resources. For IT, it simplifies procurement, deployment, and management: all devices can be remotely configured, updated, and managed through the cloud.

“Providing reliable, secure, and affordable connectivity to field techs, remote workers and professionals remains a challenge for many businesses. The partnership with Celerway allows us to support them outside the office environment in a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective manner.”
Ivan Landen , CEO Blue Wireless

When choosing Blue Wireless for Celerway equipment, businesses can benefit from pre-staging services by network experts, a range of local and international data plans, and bundles with other equipment, such as hand-held devices and smart glasses. Blue Wireless’ coverage in more than 80 countries allows for a consistent global solution, ideal for large multinationals.

"We are very excited by this latest addition to our portfolio. We’ll keep adding innovative solutions to our line-up to help customers take advantage of the tremendous business opportunities LTE/5G brings for global businesses. Each step brings us closer to our mission of enabling enterprise connectivity for branch and beyond."
Ivan Landen , CEO Blue Wireless

The new line of devices and services will be available from 19 October and are showcased at Blue Wireless experience centres in Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands, and United States. Click below to learn more.

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Our global team of experts is looking forward to helping your enterprise gain all the benefits of LTE/5G connectivity.

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