Press Release | 13 March 2023

Blue Wireless among APAC’s growth champions, according to the Financial Times

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Singapore, 15 of March 2023 – Blue Wireless, the first global provider of 5G/LTE wireless enterprise connectivity, is pleased to announce that, for the fourth time in a row, it has been included in the Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific ranking.

The Financial Times (FT) 2023 ranking, a joint project with international data partner Statista, aims to identify those companies headquartered in Asia-Pacific with the strongest revenue growth between the years 2018 and 2021. For Blue Wireless, the last seven years since its start in 2015 have been a time of notable growth, including its expansion into Europe and North America after a successful start in the Asia Pacific region.

“It is exciting to see the year-on-year growth of our business, and the reason is clear – global enterprises want to take advantage of the benefits of wireless network solutions, and Blue Wireless is able to support this at a global scale. Further, the continuing expansion of 5G networks surely helps, as it increases speeds and makes the service more reliable.”
Ivan Landen , CEO - Blue Wireless
“While we see ourselves as a global company, we take great pride in being a Singapore-born business – a hub for innovation and base for global expansion. It was undoubtedly the right place to start Blue Wireless.”
Cera Koh , Global Head of Sales Operations - Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless focus is to deliver Wireless WAN solutions to the global enterprise. By bringing together the latest technologies, people, and unmatched expertise, Blue Wireless provides fixed-price LTE/5G connectivity to more than 200 customers in over 80 countries, underpinned by speed guarantees and service SLAs. Common use cases include rapid deployments, remote sites, retail networks, and connectivity for the maritime industry.

Since March 2023, Blue Wireless has been part of the Wireless Logic Group of companies, while still continuing to operate as a separate business unit with a continuous focus on global (Fixed) Wireless Network Solutions. The move will help Blue Wireless accelerate growth and innovation within its LTE/5G portfolio, thanks to the added financial capabilities and leading industry position of the Wireless Logic Group.

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