Press Release | 30 January 2024

Advantage Partners with Blue Wireless to Ensure Timely Connectivity Solutions for US Dermatology Partners

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Port Washington, NY - January 30, 2024 - Advantage Communications Group, LLC, a leading telecom managed service provider, is proud to announce its expanding collaboration with Blue Wireless and US Dermatology Partners (USDP), ensuring robust and reliable connectivity across their multiple practices, particularly in rural and underserved communities.

USDP operates a nationwide dermatological clinic network that includes several underserved rural communities. These vital practices are necessary for many patients to avoid long drives, often 90 minutes or more, to access crucial dermatological care in larger cities.

In a recent testament to Advantage's commitment and agility, the company played a pivotal role during a challenging office move involving USDP's Weatherford location, a multi-doctor practice.

Due to unforeseen construction complications at the new Weatherford location and a strict, unmovable opening deadline, USDP faced a potential connectivity crisis. Traditional connectivity carriers estimated 45-60 days to implement a conduit into the building, clearly a timeline that would fail to meet the practice's opening date.

In a timely move, Advantage introduced Blue Wireless to the equation. Blue Wireless rose to the occasion, rapidly implementing LTE/5G wireless solutions and ensuring the practice's on-schedule opening.

"They provided an agility and personal touch the other carriers couldn’t. It was a pleasure working with them."
Torrey Reusser , Director of Patient Communication Systems and Technology, USDP

Blue Wireless is the leading provider of global Fixed Wireless Access for the enterprise. They’ve built their expertise along LTE/5G technologies to deliver flexible, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solutions, especially where wire lines struggle, namely remote locations, retail sites, and branches; as well as fast-deployment and temporary requirements.

Beyond this pivotal partnership with Blue Wireless, Advantage has been instrumental in USDP's tech evolution. As a dedicated partner, Advantage assisted the dermatology giant in transitioning its infrastructure to a data center, implementing VoIP across the company, and introducing more reliable fiber circuits characterized by reduced latency and packet loss.

Since 2016, the USDP has undergone multiple acquisitions. A key element in this phase was the replacement of circuits with enterprise fiber, a move targeting superior reliability. Advantage facilitated almost all these transitions.

Advantage CEO, David Gardner, comments, “Our partnership with USDP goes beyond technological support. It's about understanding their unique challenges and being agile enough to respond in real time."

"With Blue Wireless by our side, we've proven we can navigate unexpected challenges and tight deadlines while keeping clinics connected when it matters most.”
David Gardner , CEO, Advantage

As USDP embarks on an ambitious expansion plan, growing at an impressive rate with intentions to inaugurate over 20 new clinics in the next 2 years, creating new opportunities for patients in underserved and rural communities to receive the premier dermatology care they need and deserve, Advantage remains a trusted partner, ensuring that technology seamlessly integrates into USDP's growth narrative.

Additionally, USDP holds the status of a Technology Lifecycle Optimization (TLO) client under Advantage.

This designation entails that Advantage actively designs, sources, manages all expenses, and oversees implementation through a proprietary reporting platform called Command Center.

A tailored service like TLO streamlines and optimizes the technological operations across USDP's extensive network of clinics. It ensures seamless connectivity and operational efficacy, which is crucial in the rural and underserved areas they predominantly serve.

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About Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless is the first and leading global service provider for wireless connectivity solutions, with a single focus on helping customers succeed in a wireless world.

Born in Singapore in 2015, and with offices in Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, UK and the US, Blue Wireless delivers ultra-reliable and flexible connectivity solutions where traditional networks struggle – branches, stores, remote locations, IoT, and the maritime sector – by bringing together the latest LTE/5G technologies, multiple local networks, built expertise, and hands-on team in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Since 2023, Blue Wireless, a Cradlepoint Elite Partner, has been part of the Wireless Logic Group, the leading global IoT connectivity platform provider.

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