LTE/5G solutions for the retail sector

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The pandemic and shifting customer expectations have accelerated the retail industry’s digital transformation – from storefront to the back office, from the physical world to the virtual one.

LTE/5G brings new levels of mobility, flexibility, reliability, and remote management to support the network strategy of your business, enabling the adoption of new technologies and applications to win in an ever-changing market.

Service bundle

Blue Wireless brings together all key components to deliver a range of retail-specific network solutions for your stores:

LTE/5G equipment

We procure the latest technology in routers and antennas to meet the need of each specific location.

Data connectivity

Data plans, bundles, and multi-carrier solutions for one or multiple sites.

Monitoring & SLAs

Network policies, filtering, security, and other settings are centrally controlled and managed 24/7 by Blue Wireless operations team.

Professional on-site installation

Site survey, placement, testing, and configuration of the equipment for optimal performance.

WiFi equipment

We offer WIFI Access Points (APs) to provide WiFi access across your location. These are seamlessly integrated into the solution, without the need for separate contracts or technology.

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Joop 370x463
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Tailor-made connectivity

Blue Wireless solutions are quick to deploy, flexible, and customised to your specific retail outlet or branch office use cases:

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Article | Mar 21, 2022

Wireless in the transformation of retail

The three-star chef’s festival pop-up. The sales promotion counter in your local shopping mall. The town square summer gaming event. Ever wondered how they get their connectivity?
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How retailers use LTE as wireless WAN to improve service operations

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Blue Wireless

Blue Wireless is helping some of the most important retail brands in becoming more flexible and responsive to the changing landscape – and there’s more:

  • Always-on service

    Your business cannot afford downtimes. Blue Wireless solutions keep critical networks available and vital applications running all day. Additionally, we offer SLAs on uptime and speed for all sites in one single contract.

  • On-time for your next opening!

    Our day-1 deployments allow you to be connected as soon as you need it. No waiting for wire lines or permissions required.

  • Flexible contracts

    Seasonal changes and pop-up shop connectivity? No issue! Month-on-month plans are available for temporary requirements.

  • All-in-one solution in 80+ countries

    We bundle the equipment, installation, management, and 24/7 support in a single solution, under one point of contract, contact, and billing.

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