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LTE/5G for logistics & transport

Connectivity on-the-go

Whether it’s WiFi on public transport, fleet tracking, or real-time connectivity in emergency situations, in-vehicle network solutions continue to open new opportunities – however, the implementation and management are not without challenges.

At Blue Wireless, we cover all aspects involved in connecting your moving fleets. Buses, cars, trains, or even ships! We will help you manage costs, ensure reliability, maintain security, and much more.

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Blue Wireless brings the expertise and key components for your specific mobile use case, wherever you are (and wherever you are heading).

LTE/5G routers

Rugged design for in-vehicle use to handle heat, vibration, dust, and humidity.

Multi-provider SIMs

With high-speed usage plans and pricing to cover all your locations, use, and applications.

Professional onsite installation

Hardware staging, testing and configuration of equipment, antennas, and your entire wireless network.

Advanced cloud tools

Sophisticated management tools ensure full control without having to go “on-site” for uninterrupted operations.

Additional build-in network options

From dual modems to high-quality WIFI, multiple LAN ports, GPS tracking, and various power options.

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A flexible and mobile
connectivity solution

The flexibility and portability of wireless networks enable businesses to connect, manage and track a single vehicle, as well as an entire fleet.

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Blue Wireless

By relying on Blue Wireless, we remove all complexity across your entire journey: from product selection, staging, and installation to ongoing management and support – and that’s not all:

  • Multiple roaming operators

    Access to a range of data plans covering all LTE networks worldwide, and our shared data pool plans to reduce costs by sharing allowance across your fleet.

  • Product selection

    A wide variety of routers and antennas will ensure there’s the one that fits your fleet requirements in terms of reach, use, and shape.

  • Full control

    All network devices are GPS-enabled and controlled centrally, enabling fleet owners to locate vehicles, manage devices and usage, and access remotely without the need for IT staff onboard.

  • Global coverage

    Our coverage extends to over 80 countries worldwide, including urban areas, remote sites, and vessels at sea.

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From equipment sales to managed solutions, I look forward to helping you out in this wireless world.

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