Customer Story | 20 May 2022

Powering autonomous surveillance patrol robots for public safety


Powered by patented 3D navigation technology, OTSAW’s robots can provide last-mile patrol and surveillance in outdoor spaces, indoor disinfection in public areas, and concierge services in spaces like offices, shopping malls, and hotels.

They are designed to transit avoiding static and dynamic obstacles, and return to base when their battery needs recharging. With HD cameras, 360-degree computer vision, and numerous sensors, the connected robots need to capture, record, process, and transmit a vast amount of data to the command centre, in real-time.


OTSAW’s autonomous robots require reliable, on-the-go communications with central command for location tracking, video transmission, and operational data exchange.


An end-to-end LTE connectivity solution specifically designed for OTSAW, including the implementation of Cradlepoint routers and remote management for zero-touch deployment, real-time support, and to ensure network performance.


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OTSAW is a global pioneer in advanced robotics technologies and next-generation artificial intelligence for healthcare, security, delivery, and mobility applications that improve safety, business processes, and everyday lives.

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