4G/LTE Connectivity for Vehicles

Whether it's WiFi on public transport, corporate application Access on ships, or real-time connectivity for Emergency situations, in-vehicle network solutions are changing our lives and how we do business.

However, implementations and management are not without challenges: managing cost, ensuring reliability, maintaining security.

Blue Wireless has the solution. We provide the following services to enable connectivity on the move:

  • Cradlepoint 4G/LTE routers – Rugged design for in-vehicle use which can handle heat, vibration dust and humidity. Offer a range of build-in network options from Dual 4G LTE modems, high quality WIFI, Multiple LAN ports, GPS tracking and various power options.

  • Multi-provider SIMs with high usage plans and pricing for your specific locations, use and applications needs.

  • Professional on-site installation, combining equipment, antennas, network configurations for your project

  • Advanced Cloud Tools. Sophisticated management tools ensure full control without having to go on-site for uninterrupted operations.

As an independent network services provider, Blue Wireless enables services using all available LTE networks to get the most optimal solution for your needs. Read more about our solution technology at the Cradlepoint website.


And Contact us below for a free consultation how we can support your project.

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