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 Cloud Managed WIFI for Remote Sites

Ubuiqiti Networks produce reliable, cost-effective devices for local network connectivity. Blue Wireless offer Ubiquiti WIFI Access Points and Switches for local sites, bundled as a managed service on monthly rental basis. As all devices are cloud-managed by Blue Wireless, you don't have to worry about uptime, performance or rogue users. Find our options and services below, learn more about ubiquiti here

UniFi Access Point - LR

Small, Light and Cost Effective, the Unifi LR (Long Range) Access point is ideal for offices, containers, retail offering reliable access for up to 50 devices.

UniFi Access Point - HD

For crowded environments with many devices and users, the UniFi HD (High Density) version serves over 200 users simultaneously, ideal for events.

UniFi PoE Switch

Connect all local devices reliably using UniFi switches, offering 8 or 24 ports and Power over Ethernet for easily connecting Access Points across your site.

UniFi Video Camera


Coming Soon! Cloud-managed CCTV cameras which connect directly on the switch without the need for separate infrastructure.

All equipment is available on a managed rental basis, and includes the following components, bundled together:

- The right WIFI Equipment for your situation

- Free on-site replacement in case of hardware failure

- Cloud Management of WIFI devices - as per description below

- Optional read access to Cloud Management Platform

Minimum term for rental is 3 months and rates start from SGD 24 per month per device all-in. Contact us for a free consultation and custom quotation.

 Take Control of Performance and Users

Blue Wireless offers cloud-management for all devices, which do not require any local IT involvement on-site, but are remotely controlled by Blue Wireless. Key functions include:

Performance Management

Setting up WIFI can by tricky, taking into consideration layout, signal strenght, interference from other AP's etc. With our remote performance management we ensure your users and devices have optimal performance and adjustments can be made if local situation changes.

Usage Control

Especially for sites connected via 4G/LTE, one does not want any rogue users or users who excessively download and stream and generate unnecessary usage. They can be easily blocked remotely.


Since all devices are monitored 24x7, our support team can easily respond to issues and notifications and make any updates to settings remotely where needed, ensuring your staff has uninterrupted access on-site.

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