Local 4G/LTE DataPool

Blue Wireless offers 4G/LTE access across several Asia Pacific countries using local shared Datapool plans, offering maximum flexibility and scale for SIM deployment in routers, tablets, trackers and other network devices.

Advantages for Enterprises

Instant Access

Enable a range of network devices with instant LTE access on demand across Asia Pacific. Enable routers, tablets, IoT devices and more without any local hassle.

Our service provides native LTE Access in each country with direct Internet break-out locally or in Hong Kong, allowing for high speed and low latency.

The Data Pool concept allows you to subscribe to a single monthly allowance and use it across as many SIMs as you need, offering great flexibility and economy of scale.

The shared datapool is combined with a single, low datarate, which provides the lowest price per GB for any LTE roaming service in Asia Pacific region.

High Speed,
Low Latency
One Pool, 
Unlimited SIMs

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